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Six Advantages Of Having A Demat Account



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A new influx of investors has begun started trading on the stock market. This trend that started to gain momentum last year continues to build speed as more and more people are realising the value of holding a demat account.

So whether you’re looking to maximise your emergency funds, save for your retirement and meet your various goals and milestones in life, having a demat account can be the ideal place to start. Let’s find out how.

What Is A Demat Account And Why Is It Important to Open Demat Account Now

A demat account is where you store all your stock investments, securities, mutual funds, bonds, etc., safely and securely. Consider it a digital repository of your assets. Through your demat account, you can invest in just about anything from mutual funds, ETFs to individual stocks with the help of your demat account.

If you’re interested in investing in the stock markets, it’s time to open demat account today. Look for the right brokerage firm. Their expertise, knowledge, and analysis will help you work through all of your investment options and provide you with credible information to make the best investment decisions for your future. And that’s not all. There are several more advantages to having a demat account. Here are six leading benefits.

  • Anytime access; quickly and anywhere. Your online demat account gives you the flexibility to transact your stock investments and securities in just a few swipes. Through a personalised dashboard and single login, you no longer need to manage your investments physically or search from one website to another to look into your assets.
  • Does away with the issue of odd lots. Before demat accounts became mandatory, shares and certificates could be transacted only in a specified quantity. This means that it was not possible to sell a desired number of shares in the past. However, today with your demat account, you can choose to buy and sell shares in any desired quantities and as little as just one share.
  • Safe and secure assets in one location. Your demat account does away with storing and safekeeping physical share certificates. You can manage, store and safely keep all your investments in one place in your demat account. That means you can now track your investments and transact through your demat account without the fear of theft, loss, or damage, thanks to its digital format.
  • Saves time and money. Since all physical transactions are eliminated, the additional expenses of handling charges and stamp duties are no longer necessary. Hence, you stand to benefit from reduced cost as well as paperwork through your demat account.
  • Enhanced liquidity and improved monetisation. Not only do you benefit from saving additional expenses, but you can also now quickly liquidate your digital securities stored in your demat account. Whether you’re looking to sell, take a loan against your shares, or mutual fund investments, you can now do so through your demat account. This feature is exclusive to demat as it is not easy to liquidate or monetise your assets quickly when you hold them in a physical format.
  • Simplified transmission. Suppose a demat account holder passes away. In such a situation, the ownership of assets held in the account will be smoothly transferred to the nominee or next of kin without time, effort, and loads of paperwork. Formerly, when shares were held in a physical form, nominees or legal heirs had to go through a tedious and cumbersome process of claiming rights on the financial assets of a stock market investor. With your demat account, you can be assured of easy transfer of assets without hassle.
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Choose the right brokerage platform to open demat account today. A highly reputed and well-established broker gives you access to a wide range of investments and the necessary guidance and analysis to help you make sound investment decisions.

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