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What Is Zippay? Afterpay vs Zippay in 2022 – Are There Alternatives?




If you are looking for an effective payment gateway to manage your finances, then you need to read the information we have compiled in this article. For most people living in Australia, Afterpay and zipPay have been 2 of the preferred apps when it comes to enjoying the benefit of paying later for their purchases, however, the vast majority of the users don’t really know the main differences among these platforms or which one is better according to their needs. If you want to learn ways to get the most out of the services offered by each of them as well as other suitable alternatives, read on and find it out.


Afterpay concept

Afterpay offers you the freedom to split the total amount of your purchase into 4 equally divided parts, which will be charged in an automated way from either your credit or debit card, depending on your settings. This payment gateway is one of the favorites among users when it comes to making partial payments without many complications. If you are the kind of person who loves a lay-by transaction method, you are going to love these services, since you receive your goods immediately and you can easily schedule your payments for the future. So, as long as you are responsible for the installment of the fee, this app is simple to manage.


If you are interested in an option that gives you a convenient and easy credit solution, there is zipPay, a reliable gateway that provides the advantage of instant approval to pay up to $1,000 in shopping credit. You will be able to make purchases at any online business, and on top of that you have the freedom to pay back for your order with the method of your choice, and as often as you want. One of the reasons why many users love it is that they enjoy a very flexible alternative, getting their order right away with no need for a deposit.

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Upfront payments

Those who choose Afterpay as their payment gateway need to know that this platform will cover the total amount of the order, allowing for a maximum of $1000 including the shipping fee. However, the first quarter of the charge must be paid upfront (right away). To avoid paying unnecessary interest or any other fees, you should make sure to pay before the due date.

On the other hand, if you want to make your order without deposits of any kind, you might want to select zipPay instead, which offers you to place your order and start using your credit instantly, with no need of upfront charges. In case you want to buy something that exceeds the $1,000 limit, you can just pay the difference at the moment of completing your order.

Other great alternatives

Still not convinced? There are other amazing online payment providers that you can try, such as SecurePay. This all-in-one direct debit gateway has some of the best features in the market, offering you a great solution that works with all major credit cards and allows you to make regular payments from your bank account. For some users it seems too risky to give their financial information online, however, by signing up with SecurePay, you will have protection against frauds for free.#

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