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Best Project Management Methodologies – Creative Way to Manage Project



Project Management Methodologies

In order to tackle complex tasks in a target-oriented manner, detailed project planning is essential. By presenting the concept, the employees understand which goal is being pursued with each activity. They will perform better as they recognize the importance of their work, which they can now better identify with. In addition, they are now able to honour the merits of their colleagues that they either could not understand or evaluate before. In planning, there are a few project management methodologies that are useful in structuring a large project.


The waterfall model

This approach is one of the absolute classics and is particularly suitable for shorter projects. This construct got its name because the work process flows from top to bottom like a waterfall. The next follows after each stage. Another thing they have in common with the romantic natural spectacle is irreversibility.

The Critical Path Method

Even with these project management methodologies, planning in advance is essential, as the individual work steps build on one another. This model is therefore also only recommended for short projects, as the probability of errors increases with the growing number of work processes and again leads to additional costs.

The critical chain method

This procedure is very similar to the Critical Path Method, as the name already suggests. Here, too, the processes that take up the most time are first analyzed and then lined up. In contrast to the previous model, however, this planning not only includes the time required but also other resources in the calculation.

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With the “Team Learning and Psychological Safety Survey” you can easily find out whether the requirements for a high-performance team are met.

As a team developer, you can measure the location of such a team extremely well, which usually takes place within a certain period of time. In the questionnaire for this purpose, the individual items give very specific pointers and at the same time you will find out which measures can be taken for this.

Often managing directors tend to copy other successful teams, but that doesn’t work out as it should. Obviously, everyone is given the optimal tool that should ensure economic success. However, the framework conditions, self-organization, and self-discovery are often aspects that are often completely forgotten because they may seem unimportant at first.

The actually added value of the copied tools and methods is not even questioned so that it can backfire. This is also called cargo culture, which can even result in poor performance from the project team.

The members of the team do not understand why they should change everything all at once and thus no longer have any freedom to make decisions. A supposed high performance is simply controlled by classic leadership and performance management.

In order to take advantage of competitive advantage, it is important to accumulate extensive knowledge of the target groups. This is the only way for the project team to deal empathically with the existing problems and to develop their own solutions for them in the first place.

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