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How to Apply Foundation Without Looking Cakey



Apply Foundation

Cakey foundation is one of the most common complaints in terms of makeup. Thankfully, there are a few simple tips you can add to your beauty regime to ensure your foundation always looks flawless, natural, and stays in place all day.

So whether you prefer a matte foundation or a more dewy finish, take a look at the tips below to ensure your face always looks perfect!


Moisturize Your Face First

Moisturize Your Face First

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You might think that you don’t need to moisturize if you’ll be wearing foundation anyway, but it is crucial not to skip this step in your skincare routine.

Even if you have the best foundation and have the skills of a professional makeup artist, it will never look flawless if the skin underneath is dehydrated. This is especially true in the winter months when your skin is more likely to dry out, but using a good moisturizer should be part of your routine every day.

After moisturizing, wait a few minutes before applying foundation to ensure the moisturizer has had time to sink into your skin.

Apply Primer Before Foundation

Moisturizer isn’t the only thing you should apply before your foundation – primer is another crucial element when it comes to a flawless face. Primer helps your foundation cling to your face better, rather than sliding off throughout the day, leaving you looking cakey.

Many primers have other benefits for your skin, too. For example, some give your skin a lovely, healthy glow, whereas others will help even out your skin tone.

Use Powder First on Oily Skin

Use Powder

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If you have oily skin, there is another product you should apply before foundation for a flawless finish – setting powder. A similar technique can also be used if you find your nose looking shiny even when the rest of your face looks perfect.

Try brushing a little translucent powder onto your nose, followed by a small amount of foundation, then finish with a bit more powder. This will stop the foundation from sliding off or breaking up around your nose, leaving you with a smooth, perfect finish all day.

Choose a Lighter Coverage

A high-coverage foundation can be useful, but it is easy to apply it incorrectly, leaving you looking less-than-perfect. So instead, why not try a light or medium coverage product, applying more layers if you feel you need better coverage?

Applying layers of foundation will also help the product feel less heavy on your skin, so you’ll feel comfortable throughout the day.

Ensure the Foundation Matches Your Skin Tone

It goes without saying, but you really need to make sure you choose a foundation that matches your skin tone while also considering your undertones. If you’re wearing a shade that doesn’t match your skin tone, it will be obvious that you are wearing it, which won’t help create a flawless look.

To find the perfect shade, you should look for one that blends seamlessly into your face so you can’t tell it’s there. You should test the product on your jawline and in natural lighting for the best results.

Similarly, those with cool undertones should opt for a foundation with a pinkish tinge. Those with warmer skin will benefit from a yellowy foundation. Choosing the wrong type will lead to an unnatural look, something we are all keen to avoid.

Make Sure Your Foundation is Suitable for Your Skin Type

It’s not just the shade that’s important – you also need to find a foundation that will work with your skin type, whether it’s dry, oily, or combination. Those with dry skin should look for a foundation that will help lock in moisture throughout the day.

If you have oily skin, you’ll want to look for a product that won’t block your pores. You should also check the foundation is oil-free; otherwise, you could find your skin ends up looking even shinier.

Apply the Foundation Using a Brush or Sponge

Brush or Sponge

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Once you’ve found the perfect product, you also need to apply it correctly to ensure you don’t end up with a cakey finish.

A damp sponge is ideal as it will leave behind only a thin layer of foundation on your skin. Dabbing the sponge gently against your skin will ensure it blends in evenly. However, a brush can also be the ideal tool. A large, fluffy brush won’t pick up too much product, so it is ideal for a light level of coverage. On the other hand, flatter brushes can be used to apply slightly more product if you feel you need it.

Don’t Use Too Much Foundation

Less is definitely more when it comes to foundation, especially if you are looking for a natural, flawless face. Start off in the center of the face, working outwards. Rather than applying too much foundation, use a touch of concealer in particular problem areas. Using too much foundation is a sure-fire way to end up looking cakey.

Go Easy on the Powder

Powder can sit on your face if you use too much, making your foundation look patchy rather than even and perfect. Try to use powder only on the parts of your face that get oily, commonly the T-zone. You might also like to apply a little under the eyes, as this can help prevent your foundation from creasing.

Try a Setting Spray to Finish Your Look

Setting spray is a wonder product – not only does it help keep your makeup in place all day long, but it also helps blend everything together, getting rid of any residue. This will leave you with a more natural finish, so it will look more like your skin rather than a thick, mask-like layer of foundation.

Translucent powder is also ideal for setting your makeup – just be sure to focus on the T-zone and the under-eye area. This is where you’re most likely to find your makeup looking cakey as the day goes on.

Keep Blending if it Looks Cakey

If your foundation still looks cakey after following the tips above, don’t be disheartened. It could be that you just haven’t blended it in enough.

Blend outwards from the middle of your face, taking particular care around the jawline and down the neck. Remember that the skin tone here is often slightly different than on the face, so for that reason, you should take extra care to blend for a seamless, natural look.

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