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Common ASUS Laptop Problems and Solutions



ASUS Laptop

Every piece of equipment fails sooner or later. There is nothing unusual about this. However, we are not always ready for this moment. Many of us panic when our Chromebook fails to turn on. This problem seems insoluble only at first glance. In fact, everything is quite different. In most cases, restoring access to your computer is fairly easy. It is worth considering the most popular versions of why ASUS Chromebook does not work. Worth noting that asus chromebook problem may be solvable.


Main reasons

There are several main reasons why the laptop won’t turn on:

  • There are problems with internal equipment
  • The charger is broken
  • Something happened to the external equipment

Do not immediately go to the service center. It is worth trying to fix the problems yourself. This will save time and money.

Asus laptop troubleshooting

First of all, it is worth remembering that you never need to look for answers on forums. Non-professional advice can only hurt even more. One of the most common reasons that the ASUS Chromebook no longer turns on is the laptop overheating and the battery swelling. If the battery charge does not exceed 1%, then the battery is discharged and it should be replaced. Problems with the battery may be noticed immediately. A bulge somewhere on the computer case always indicates problems inside. It is important not to change the battery at home! It’s dangerous!! It is worth taking the Chromebook to a suitable service center. They will fix the problems very quickly.

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Overheating of the device can be noticed immediately.

If the Chromebook is very hot and the indicators are not functioning, then it is important to solve this problem very competently. It is worth turning off the laptop and putting it away in some cool place. The computer should be turned off for at least two hours. During this time, the laptop will cool down and work again as before…

Normal weather conditions can also cause the computer to overheat. A long stay in the sun can be the main reason for the failure of the device.

Many users accidentally set the wrong brightness settings.

On the surface, you might think that the device has turned off, but in fact the brightness is too much reduced. It is worth examining the laptop in a brightly lit place and then fix everything. Not always problems arise because of the computer itself. Maybe the charger is to blame. You need to connect the cord to the laptop and the outlet. If the indicator is not lit, then this is a clear problem with the charger. It is important to check the color of the indicator.

A flashing orange color indicates that the indicator is in sleep mode. The bright orange color indicates that 20% of the charge is left. The blue color indicates that the laptop is working and it still has a lot of battery power. The laptop is charged in the presence of orange and blue stripes. If there is no backlight, the computer is turned off. If the computer still does not turn on when the charger is turned on, then you need to find another suitable charger. The laptop needs to be given 30 minutes of time and then turned on again. If this does not solve the asus computer problem, then you should move the charger. When the indicators flash, not everything is lost. You need to take your computer to a service center. The laptop may also have a damaged charging cable. If the device only charges at a certain angle, then the cable is damaged 100% of the time. It will be impossible to solve the problem at home. It is necessary to contact specialists.

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The worst thing for any device is dust.

You can try to clean the charging hole with a hair dryer. 20 seconds will be enough to remove the dust. But do not use a hair dryer at maximum power!

Sometimes some external equipment can also do harm.

You need to examine your computer well. The new Chrome OS system may be to blame for everything. Here you can delete all unnecessary applications and completely update the system.

If all of the above tips did not give any result, then you should definitely contact professionals!

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