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Baby Shower Gifts That Every New Mom Needs



Baby Shower Gifts

Your beloved friend or relative is having a child? Surely you have already congratulated the young parents, but have you come up with a gift for the baby shower? The easiest way to choose a gift is to call a mom to be and ask what she needs. If this option is impossible, or you want to surprise your mom with a gift, this article will come in handy.

Usually, diapers, toys, bottles, clothes are the first to come to mind when asked what to give a newborn baby. But first, let’s figure out what gifts to avoid.


Gifts to avoid:

-children’s clothing size “0-3 months.” – children are growing rapidly, and you may not even have time to try on such clothes;

-baby cosmetics – unfortunately, any baby cosmetics can cause an allergic reaction,

It would  be better for mom to choose these items;

-soft toys – the newborn does not need them, and therefore it will only serve as dust collectors;

-household appliances without parental consent (sterilisers, heaters, steam generators, etc.) – parents may have a lack of space, or it won’t be useful for them;

-baby food – firstly, it is selected individually by the mother and paediatrician, and secondly, it has a limited shelf life.

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-jumpers and walkers – paediatricians and orthopaedists actively oppose both. Although they help parents, distracting the kids, albeit, for 15-30 minutes a day, jumpers and walkers set the highest load on the child’s spine and perineum.

Now, it’s time to choose a proper gift!

Cute little things:

Newborn photography certificate

Newborn photography certificate

You’ve probably seen cute staged pictures of babies. Such beauty is created not only for postcards but also for the family archive. Photographers working with newborns recommend taking pictures in the first two weeks of a baby’s life – at this time, the child still remembers the postures that he took in the womb and sleeps most of the time. Usually, the shooting is carried out at home, which is convenient for mom and baby, and the photographer brings the necessary background, props and lighting with him.

Photo frame “My first year”

Children grow up very quickly, especially in the first year of life! Present your young parents with a frame of 12 photos. Every month they will be able to add new pictures and observe how the child changes throughout the year.

Set for the print of the baby’s palms and feet

Give young parents the opportunity to capture how tiny the arms and legs of the child were in the first days of life. An imprint kit usually contains a mold, a plaster mix, a frame for decorating the impression, and detailed instructions. Be sure – this gift will take an honorable place in the house and will be carefully stored for many years!

Shoes for the first steps

Shoes for the first steps

Baby shoes are always expensive, sometimes inadequately expensive (compared to the size of the shoe). But is necessary. The most correct first shoes for a baby are orthopedic sandals with a hard heel made of natural materials – to maintain the legs in the correct position, and with instep supports to prevent flat feet. You can also buy “innovative” socks with a dense sole. They can be worn by the baby from birth, although they will become relevant by the age of 5 months when the child crawls or even tries to stand on his feet at the support. The correct children’s footwear is quite an effective and useful gift!

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Universal things every mom needs:

Soothing White Noise Toy

What’s the hardest part about caring for a baby? Most moms will confirm that these are sleepless nights and endless motion sickness in their arms. White noise toys help to cope with poor sleep due to soothing sounds: mother’s heartbeat, rumbling in the womb, sea surf and others. They release the infant’s tension and lull him to sleep. Models with a built-in sensor react to the baby’s movements and turn on when he starts to wake up.



A sling is a woven fabric that is put on a mother in a certain way in order to carry a child in it and at the same time have free hands. The device makes the baby’s weightlessness noticeable, allows you to breastfeed discreetly while walking and promotes harmonious psychological development. Unlike a kangaroo backpack, the sling can be used from the first months of life until the child reaches 2-3 years old.

Baby bean bag

A nest, a cocoon, or a good quality baby bean bag is a great gift. It is a sleeping place for a newborn. Cocoon or bassinet is an ergonomic mattress or pillow with bumpers, where the baby lies in a grouped, intrauterine-like position, which calms him down and ensures a smooth adaptation period in the first months after birth. They “hug” the child and create a sense of security, almost like in the mother’s belly! And if you put such a nest in the parent’s bed, then you can protect the child while sleeping together. A very comfortable and stylish thing.

Car seat

A car seat or infant carrier is better to get from well-known manufacturers. It is also worth focusing on crash tests (no matter how creepy it sounds). When choosing a device, it is advisable to take into account the model of the stroller, since many modern wheelbases are compatible with car seats and bassinets.

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Car seat envelope

Transporting a child in a car should be not only safe but also comfortable. The envelope for the car seat differs from the usual one by the presence of slots for the belts, which allows you to fasten your baby. Choose an envelope depending on the season: light or insulated. If the model has a velcro that closes the slots, then it can be used as a regular blanket in a stroller.


Now that you decided what to get as a gift, another important thing is a beautiful form of presentation and design it. Do not forget the postcard, sign it and write a few words of congratulations and wishes. And then your gift will not go unnoticed, will be remembered by young parents for a long time as another bright event associated with the birth of a baby.

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