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When and Why Do Children End Up in Foster Care?



Foster Care

A child may end up in foster care for any number of reasons and each one of those reasons are very serious. If you wish to care for foster children, it’s imperative that you get to know some of those reasons well.

This knowledge will help you understand why local authorities and independent fostering agencies are so instrumental in keeping vulnerable children safe. While the reasons are numerous, the most common ones can be broadly categorized and listed as follows.

Neglectful Parents/Guardians

If a child is being neglected by their parents or their present legal guardians, then the local authority may step in to temporarily take the child into protective care. A child may be taken into foster care if his/her parents are found to be neglectful towards meeting the child’s physical, educational, medical, and/or emotional needs.

Depending on the situational developments, a child’s stay with the foster care system could be just as short as it can be long. However, the LA will only interfere if the neglect is deemed serious enough to negatively affect the child’s physical, emotional, social, educational, and/or medical well-being.

Child Abuse

Unfortunate as it is, it is a fact that thousands of children are subjected to physical, psychological, and even sexual abuse every year by their own family members. These abused children belong to age groups that range from toddlers to teens. If abuse is reported or suspected, the child/children will be immediately removed from the potentially dangerous scenario for their own protection.

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This will soon be followed up by an investigation of the situation. If the parents/guardians are found to be guilty of child abuse, the children will likely remain protected by the foster care system in a safe home, unless a safe alternative can be found, such as a family member. If you wish to support and aid children who are in dire need of such safe homes, consider opening a room in your own home for them. You can signup online at your local IFA for fostering in Manchester.


The death of one or both parents is one of the most traumatic situations that no child is ever fully prepared to face, but it does happen. Whether it’s a tragic accident or an instance of violence, the loss is catastrophic for the child.

The child may be placed in foster care until a suitable family member can be found to take care of them as their guardian. When that is not an option, he/she will be cared for by foster care providers until they reach the age of 18.


Similar arrangements as mentioned above will also be made if the parent(s) are severely disabled and/or incapacitated (coma, brain damage, severe nerve damage, etc.)after an incident. The same would be applicable if they are afflicted by a sudden illness or condition that they could not or did not prepare for.

If it’s not a sudden development, parents generally start making necessary arrangements for their children ahead of time. When they are unable to do so, the local authority will need to step in and make arrangements to ensure the well-being of their children.

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