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7 Basic Makeup Essentials You Ever Need



Makeup Essentials

There’s just something about makeup, whether you are just starting or you already know the importance of mascara, and you already own the latest makeup brush. Wherever you fit in, stocking up on makeup essentials can be overwhelming and quite time-consuming. Many feel like they need a tonne of makeup in their arsenal to ensure they are always able to set up a full face of makeup; well, if this is what you are about, then do it! But, only having essential items or even spending a little extra on the essential items can take you a long way in only getting those items you need. Heck, it might even save you a few dollars! Here are seven picks of basic makeup essentials you will ever need.


Foundation or a powder

Every makeup kit must have at least one foundation or one powder. Even people with the most flawless skin (yes, they exist) have some form of foundation in their makeup kits. This purchase does come with a range of factors, though. You must find something that suits your skin and looks natural (if that’s what you prefer) while giving you the coverage you want. For example, you are looking for light coverage so go for a powder that conceals but still feels light on your skin. And if you are looking for more coverage, then opt for a liquid foundation or cream that has high coverage.

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Lipstick or lip-gloss

Gone are the days where you were only allowed to wear red lipstick at night – thankfully, most makeup rules have been shown the door, and you can set up your makeup look exactly how you choose. A tip here is to find the colors that work for you. If you are into those bright pinks and reds, then go for it; it’s great to have a selection of lipsticks and lip-gloss that you can whip out to spice up any look.


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Brow pencils

No one speaks about how special a brow pencil is, but trust us, you need one in your makeup kit. Never, and we repeat, never neglect your brows when doing your makeup. A perfect brow completes any makeup look. Some days you wake up and get ready for that special girl’s day, and you don’t even notice your brows are all over the show until it is too late. The trick here is to make shaping and brushing your brows a part of your makeup routine. With a brow pencil, you are also able to control the amount of product that goes over your brows and shape it exactly how you want it to look. 10 out of 10 would recommend it.

A set of makeup brushes

Any kit deserves a great set of makeup brushes. Yes, some makeup is much better applied by hand, but for most of your makeup, you will need the correct makeup brush. Your set should include a variety of brushes such as blush/bronzer brush, kabuki for liquid foundation, eyeshadow brushes (not just one), a small thin brush that can be used for eyeliner, and a concealer brush. What is great is that you can buy all of this in one kit, so you’ll be sorted after one purchase.

Eyeshadow palette

There is no way your makeup kit can be complete without an eyeshadow palette. What’s great is you can buy one with a range of colors not only saving you money but also giving you multiple options of makeup looks. It is a good idea to have a day and night eyeshadow palette. And with this many varieties, you can quite literally come up with a range of combination looks and play around with each color, a win in our book.

putting mascara

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Many people started wearing mascara before any other makeup right when they were teens. It’s easy to apply as you get older (look, no one knows what they are doing at 15 years old) and add a certain kind of flair your makeup looks needs. A number one benefit is how just with one application, mascara makes you look more awake. So, if you’ve just had a rough one more episode five times the night before, mascara is your best friend the next day.

Lip liner

Lip liner has made its comeback in recent years, and we understand why. For beginners just starting their kit, opt for a pencil liner, and as you become more advanced, switch over to a gel or liquid liner. Liquid liners are tricky if you are not experienced in using them, but it comes with practice, so don’t worry, you’ve got this!

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