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The Multifarious Benefits of an Automatic Generator Transfer Switch



Automatic Generator Transfer Switch

After the industrial revolution, the onset of digitization and automation technology has transformed the way different sectors of society operate. Before the introduction of electrical instruments, machines, and equipment, manual labour was given utmost importance. However, with the introduction of technology, workers merely managed and supervised the industrial functions and processes.

A few decades ago, the industrial paradigm was again shuffled with advanced automation software and technology. These are electrical equipment that is integrated with a mind of their own meaning, they require negligible human interference to provide optimal output and results. In this article, we will bring under purview an integral electrical component called an automatic generator transfer switch. So, let us begin by addressing the most fundamental question — what is an automatic generator transfer switch?

Since a niche group of people carries thorough knowledge about the electrical field, we attempt to explain the basis of transfer switches in the most lucid and comprehensible terms. To put it simply, a generator transfer switch is a permanent switch that efficiently connects to the power box to switch the load between two different sources.

In cases of a permanent source of backup power, this change takes place automatically when the primary power source becomes unavailable. Further, transfer switches can be broadly divided into two categories: automatic and manual generator transfer switches. Let us delve into both of them one by one.

A manual transfer switch is deployed to switch between the generator and the mains in the event of an outage. However, employing a manual transfer switch would require an alternative lever or an operative to switch between the two sources in order to start the generator.

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Conversely, an automatic generator transfer switch is a low voltage electrical device that transfers load connections between two separate sources, primary and alternate. These switches are preferred in facilities where it is essential to have a consistent supply of power like high functioning data centres, hospitals, small- and large-scale industries etc. Below we have carefully curated a list of advantages one can leverage from investing in an automatic generator transfer switch:

  • As mentioned above, automatic transfer switches promise power reliability and consistency.
  • In the age of automation, leveraging electrical instruments and devices that have a mind of their own saves a huge amount of money, time, and energy that can be used in completing other essential tasks.
  • In most places, generators are placed at a certain height, away from other electrical equipment. In case of a power cut, it is difficult to manually switch between two power sources. Hence, an automatic generator transfer switch proves to be an ideal solution as it is exclusively designed to make the switch on its own.
  • Lastly, the automatic generator transfer switch is much safer than manual transfer switches. It promotes a relaxed and peaceful working environment with no room for technical faults and errors.

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In addition, in case of a hazardous situation, their team of technicians will be a call away to guide you through the situation in a calm and organized manner. Go explore the websites of some leading electrical brands today!

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