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How to Choose the Best Video Call API and SDK in 2021?



Best Video Call API and SDK

In today’s virtual and socially distant pandemic times, the demand for video calling is quite evident. Real-time video conversations are successful in filling the communication gaps between you and your customers. This is one of the reasons that video calling is capturing influence across different industry verticals. It effectively meets people’s requirements to connect as quickly as possible. Are you planning to build your video chat app or integrate modern video chat features into your mobile and web applications? Well, video chat SDK and APIs have got your back!

In this article, we shall discuss the best live video call app features that can help you pick up the perfect video API solution for your business. Stay with us and keep reading.


What is video call API and SDK?

Video communication can work wonders for your business in given virtual times. And an efficient API and SDK can help you build a video chat app for your business. Let us understand them one by one. SDK stands for Software Development Kit. It consists of a multitude of software development tools that help build an application. API stands for Application Programming Interface. It consists of a set of programs that can be utilized to develop  an application as it allows data exchange and smooth communication between different types of software tools.

Importance of video call SDKs and APIs

Buying a video chat API is a quick way to start your video communications with customers. If you feel that you have limited time and resources as a business, then getting full-featured video chat APIs is the best option for you. Let us have a look at some of the popular points so as to comprehend why a video calling API and SDK are in demand.

  1. Facilitates faster software delivery

People want quick interactions these days. While some are more accustomed to using mobile devices, some prefer desktops or laptops. Hence, it becomes essential that your video call app is adaptable and flexible. With advanced video APIs, you can facilitate communications very smoothly as most of them are cross-platform compatible. They are quick to integrate and come with very few bugs, if any.

  1. Saves business resources

Building a video chat app from scratch consumes a lot of time and capital. So, if you want a quick and efficient video chat solution to your business communication requirements, video APIs and SDKs are best for you. They can help you save extra expenses that can be otherwise utilized for other core business operations.

  1. Boosts business productivity

Videos are always more convenient to process for anyone. The communication is more transparent and clear. Well-defined video call APIs equip you with modern video chat features that can boost your productivity via fast and hassle-free communication between you and your consumer.

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How does video chat work?

Video communication between two or more parties generally happens over VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). It works by utilizing the internet via a suite of protocols. At first, one user sends a video call request to the receiver. Once the other person receives the call, the video sent to his/her device is encoded. And in a similar way, his video is sent back to the sender. The video call keeps on going till the time this process takes place. With modern video chat APIs, you can share files and share screens while conducting the conversation.

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Best video call API features

There are myriad features that make a video calling API successful. One of the top features being flexibility with compatibility, makes it easier to operate on all sorts of platforms. Let’s take a close look at some best features that represent a well-defined video calling API.

  1. Video conferencing capability

This is one of the basic features that any video calling SDK or API should provide you with. A full featured video call API will not only facilitate one-on-one interactions but also give way to smooth group chats and conferences. Given the pandemic situation worldwide, video conferencing has helped businesses carry out remote business operations smoothly. Hence, there is no denying that video conferencing is one of the most popular functionalities that any efficient API should have.

  1. Screen share function

It helps you make professional presentations with ease during video conferences and also enables you to conduct tutorials for new team members. Hence, the screen share feature of efficient APIs and SDKs helps you to carry out effective collaborations.

  1. Messaging feature

Any well-defined video call API will also provide you with messaging functionalities. Those who are not comfortable speaking up in video conferences can opt to leave text messages while the video call is in process. The text feature can also be used to share important links during calls.

  1. Video call recording

Today’s modern video call APIs come with screen recording features. They enable you to record the whole video conversation for future references. This feature can help businesses to gain a better understanding of customer feedback as they can watch the recorded interactions any time and cover up all the missed points.

  1. Voice function

It goes without saying that a video calling API should have a voice feature as well. The audio quality should be loud and clear while the video should be of HD quality. There are many efficient video call APIs that also come with voice mute features.

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Points to consider for choosing the right video call API provider

Video calls are one of the fastest ways to interact in a digital world. Well,the video chat requirements for every business might be different. Are you wondering how to choose the best video API for your business? We can help!  Here’s a list of considerations to look into before selecting your video chat app API.

  1. Browser complexity of video conferencing API

As a business, you need to pay attention to cross-platform fundamentals. Leveraging a highly advanced full-featured API is utterly beneficial as it works on the different functionalities of browsers and platforms automatically. It is advised to test APIs on different browsers and platforms to identify functionality errors, if any.

  1. Bandwidth management capacities

One of the top concerns for the well-functioning of your video platform is smooth connectivity. Only a good connection can clear the way for live video streaming and other video operations. It is crucial for your video platform to run well on real world networks. And that is possible if you use APIs with efficient coding. Poor bandwidth management may lead to countless bad video experiences and alleviate customer satisfaction.

  1. High performing UI kit

Low-level video call APIs would require you to build the user interface right from scratch.  However, this is not the case with well-structured video chat APIs. In a full-featured API, you need not worry about the user interface.  Moreover, it provides you with options to customize the UX/UI layout according to your preferences.

  1. HIPAA compliance

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. If you fall under the categories like ‘covered entities’ or ‘business entities’, your video platform needs to be HIPAA compliant. There are many low-level chat APIs that do not sign up for a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement.  However, most full-featured APIs are generally HIPAA compliant and ensure the privacy of the users of your video platform. So, it is always advised to utilize a HIPAA compliant video API.

  1. Security feature

In present digital times, security is one of the topmost concerns of people. Hence, it becomes essential that you choose video APIs that are equipped with end-to-end encryption. This way, you can carry out your video chat securely. There will be no fear of exposure of personal information and all the files shared during the conversation will be protected.

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An efficient video call API can boost your video communication platform and offer a highly qualitative video experience to your platform users. It is crucial that you consider all the points mentioned earlier before choosing your video call SDK for Android, iOS, or web applications. The best video call APIs and SDKs can help you build the best live video chat app. So, what are you waiting for? Start performing your research and make the right choice by selecting a video calling API that offers the most comprehensive suite of video chat features.

Happy video time to you!

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