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Benefits of Ceramic Tiles for Home



tiles for home
  1. Advantages of ceramic tiles that compare this type of brick on the market

1.1 Advantages of ceramic tiles

The benefits of a large number of tokens in use should be studied to know how to use them correctly.

– There are many designs, sizes, and colors that make it easy to choose the right tiles for each space.

– High resistance, high hardness.

– Good toughness, anti-abrasion, waterproof.

– It is easy to create shadows on the surface, the more you use it, the better the shine.

– Beautiful and luxurious, creating a feeling of natural closeness.

– Due to its excellent load capacity, it must be used in cladding areas that are often subject to substantial impacts.

– The tiles have many beautiful, varied, and fancy patterns.

1.2 Comparison of tiles

There are many types of tiles on the market, each with a different texture and characteristics. Compare the current mosaic models with different and similar ones.

– Ceramic tile, also known as enameled tile, is a ubiquitous product for residential buildings. Ceramic floor tiles have 2 types for covering and floors. The tiles used for floors have the characteristics of low hygroscopicity, abrasion resistance, high strength, anti-slip requirements as prescribed by quality standards. Tiles are often used for decoration, making them artistic and aesthetic.

– Granite bricks, also known as quartz bricks, are homogeneous bricks. This tile has a very high hardness, resists good pressure, which is why it is often used for floors. These areas need high friction and a massive flow of people should use this type of polished brick tiles, not like glazed ceramic tiles.

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– Glazed granite tiles are an excellent combination of ceramic and granite tiles. This product has the durability of granite tiles and the art of ceramic tiles with various patterns. Aesthetics and quality are suitable for use.

1.3 Which tile is the best today?

Which coatings are the best that every customer wants to know when to use? When used with the different benefits of ceramic tiles, each type of brick offers users a different option.

Restaurants and hotels often prefer polished glazed porcelain tiles because the pattern and motif designs are very delicate and guarantee quality. This type of brick is considered the best cladding today.

Semi-porcelain bone tiles are a combination of granite and ceramic tiles. Due to the semi-porcelain structure of the bone, the bricks are tough, less prone to cracking, resistant to moisture, and slippery. This tile is also covered with a layer of waterproof enamel, waterproof, easy to clean. In addition to being used to protect your home safely, it is also used to decorate a room to make it modern and luxurious. This product line is also very suitable for users’ pocket money.

Hexagon tile is geometric-bliss! Create a stunning bathroom floor or a unique mosaic backsplash with the easy-to-install sheets in a variety of colors.

  1. The tile brand is trustworthy, the best brand

2.1 Mark of the current tile

There are many brands of tiles in the Indian market. Each brand has its accent color. Depending on the needs of the users, customers should choose which brand to use accordingly.

– Prime is the most stable type of brick on the market. Just keep in mind that users will think of Prime kitchens first. This brand of tiles is distinguished by the excellent quality of the product, the design, the variety of models, and the advantages of ceramic tiles.

– We distribute bricks from colorful brick brands. This brand has many famous brick lines. Our company is made in a modern European style with shades such as white, grey, black. The price is quite high: from 400,000 to 2,000,000 dongs.

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– The luxury brand line has conquered domestic and foreign consumers. In Indian, this brand is widely used due to its excellent quality and affordable price.

– The brickwork of this grade of brick is evaluated quite well according to all criteria, from quality, design to price. Users widely use Our Glazed Vitrified tiles.

– Dong Tam is a brick brand familiar to Indian consumers. The quality of this type of brick is excellent and the price is also relatively high.

2.2 The best tile brand voted by users

Each brand has its value. However, the best tile brand chosen by customers is Dong Tam. This brand enjoys the trust of European buyers as it comes from India. Today, every brand is good, and customers choose the best brands for them.

best tile brand

  1. Experience in buying ceramic tiles

The experience of choosing to buy ceramic tiles shows that customers want to be based on the following factors:

– The advantages of coatings must be waterproof:

This is an essential factor when choosing to buy ceramic tiles. If the tile is flooded, it may peel or be damaged during use. When testing whether the tiles are waterproof or not, customers only need to put a few drops of water on the tiles to see the results. Since tiles imported from Europe will not face these problems, you must have confidence during use.

– Good surface:

When buying tiles, the element of the tile surface should be considered. The brick is highly scratch resistant and can withstand high abrasion pressure. Always remain blind and free of any surface problems during use.

– Brick core:

Experience has shown that when purchasing bricks, it is recommended to buy bricks with stone chip cores and some additives that will have high hardness and the ability to withstand substantial impacts.

– Bricks do not harm the environment, and this is the advantage of ceramic tiles:

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This factor is especially user-oriented. When choosing to buy bricks for use, customers should choose to buy bricks without mixing chemicals that are harmful to human health and the environment.

Brick core

  1. Advantages of loading tiles

The support brick has the following advantages:

– Excellent scratch resistance so doesn’t worry about the scratched surface by human shoes.

– Dirt-resistant, easy to clean and very simple. This is one of the great advantages that this type of tile is widely used.

– Colour mixes directly into the aggregate so that the bricks do not fade over time.

– Using the same material to make the bricks so that they have high uniformity, from top to bottom.

– The more you use this mosaic, the higher the brightness. After a period of use, the glaze on the tile surface does not come off, as it is polished or not glazed like a regular brick.

loading tiles

  1. Tips for clients should have 60×60 or 80×80 tiles

Whether 60×60 or 80×80 tiles should also depend on the financial needs and capabilities of each family. Here are some tips on how to use bricks in the most sensible way possible.

– If the width of the house is higher than 6 m, it is necessary to use 80×80 bricks, since the number of intersections between 2 bricks when laying the floor will be less. The house feels more spacious, more luxurious.

– From 4.5 to 6 m, 80×80 bricks can still be used, but an architect should be consulted. For the house, you need to use the most suitable type of brick.

– For lengths less than 4.5 m, 60×60 should be used since the distribution of the joints between the two bricks will be more reasonable.

– When choosing 60×60 or 80×80 bricks, price and style should be considered. 80×80 bricks are more expensive than 60×60 bricks from 20,000 / m2 depending on the type. You should explore the benefits of ceramic tiles to know what is beautiful and cheap for a family.

ceramic tiles

  1. Choose where to buy ceramic tiles when necessary

When there are criteria for choosing ceramic tiles for their intended use, choose here, the ceramic tile supplier is the most current brand. Confident in doing business in the Indian market, we are committed to offering quality and prestigious products to our customers. Here, make sure that customers buy genuine products that meet your criteria. Come to us, and customers will receive the most attractive incentives.

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