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The Ultimate Solution for Seam Safety: Seam Sealing Tape



Seam Sealing Tape

Even if you are sewing your clothes closely, you cannot make them waterproof. This is because; there will still remain tiny spaces for the air and water to escape. In such a situation, it is important to make use of something that can block the space. The Seam Sealing tape is an absolutely perfect option for such a purpose.

Today, the tape is being used in a number of things so that they can be made waterproof and safe. Before knowing where and how the tape helps in enhancing seam safety, it is a great idea to know the beneficial properties of the tape.

Properties of the Seam Sealing Tape

There are a number of beneficial properties of seam sealing tape that makes it the perfect solution for seam safety. Here are some of them that you can know about.

  • Efficient for Waterproofing:

The tapes are made in such a way that they stay durable and works in a great way for waterproofing solutions. Not just waterproofing, it also does not allow air or any other elements to cross across it.

  • Antibacterial in Nature:

The seam sealing tapes are also designed to make it antibacterial in nature. Thus, it also prevents any kind of bacteria also to invade the surface. Currently, many of the tapes are also coming up with anti-viral properties, noticing the current situation of the COVID-19 attack.

  • Soft in Texture:

Even though it offers the best safety to many surfaces, it is not hard to feel. The soft texture of the tape keeps it highly comfortable.

  • Perfect Adhesion:
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The tapes are also designed with a strong adhesion so that they can stay stuck up on the surface for a longer time. Even when exposed to water or other elements, the tapes are such that they stay intact with the surface.

  • Available in Different Colors:

Do you want the tape to be available in the color of your surface? You can easily get it upon custom order. There are a number of service providers such as Jagannath Polymers that can offer you these tapes in different colors. You just need to get in touch with them to let them know your requirements and the experts will help you out in this.

Where is Seam Sealing Tape Used?

Seam Sealing Tape is used in a number of places today due to its various beneficial properties. Here are some of the important places where you will find the tape being in use.

  • Outwear:

How do you think water does not seep inside your raincoat but it easily enters through your regular clothes? Of course, it is the material of the raincoat that keeps you dry inside. But also, seam sealing tape is used in high-quality outwear options such as raincoats. This does not allow the rainwater to seep inside and destroy the clothes that you are wearing inside.

  • Industrial Wear for Workers:

Often industrial workers may have to work in extreme temperatures. In such a situation, wearing just regular clothes does not help. For such workers, special wearables are designed that are secured well with the help of the seam sealing tape. This protects the skin of the workers from the extreme temperature. Also, workers who work in mines can stay protected from infection when they wear wearable secured by tape.

  • Tents:
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Do you love setting up your tent in nature to experience living in nature? Surely, in such a case, you must have got a huge tent for such lovely excavations of nature. Do you think the tents in which you are staying up are just supported by stitches? Actually, the seam sealing tapes is also used here. This is the reason, even when it is raining outside or the wind is blowing, you are safe and comfortable inside the tent. If you get a high-quality tent, you can be always assured that the tape is being used to secure the tent for such weather conditions.

  • Military Garments:

Similar to the industrial worker, military garments also have to be waterproof as well as secure. Hence, seam sealing tape is again used for the manufacturing of military garments. Garments secured by such tapes help the army to stay comfortable to a certain extent in extreme temperatures. Also, it keeps the garment waterproof so that the army can complete their activities even when they are exposed to water.

  • PPE Kits:

Today, when COVID-19 has hit the entire world, medical experts are the saviors. So, it is extremely important to keep these saviors protected and safe so that they can treat patients. Seam Sealing Tape has its major use today in the Personal Protective Equipment that is commonly known as PPE kit. The tape can be helpful in these kits for these two major reasons:

  • Antiviral:

The first is to make the kit safe from the coronavirus along with other viruses and bacteria. This is the prime need because the doctors have maximum exposure to the patients with this contagious virus infection. If the doctors will touch these patients with bare hands or will stand by their side with normal clothes, the doctors will also get infected. The tapes ensure to make the kit antiviral and antibacterial to keep the medical experts safe even when they are treating the patients.

  • Waterproof:
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Apart from making the PPE kit antiviral, the tape also does its basic job or making the kit waterproof.

  • Footwear:

The seam sealing tape has also its usage in the manufacturing of many footwear to make them waterproof and dustproof. When you are walking on the road or dirt, the dirt and water can seep inside your feet through the shoes. Wearing high-quality shoes can prevent such invasion as they are secured with the help of these tapes.

Thus, the seam sealing tape is popular in the manufacturing of a wide range of items today to protect them from various elements. The main property of the tape is to block the space so that nothing can enter through it. This lightweight and soft tape are strong enough to stop water and even virus from entering. Thus, it is the smartest solution to seam safety today.

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