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5 Benefits of Exercise You Didn’t Know



Benefits of Exercise

Having a sound mind and body is one of the things that most of us could wish for. A healthy body can uplift your mood and lessen the onset of stress. A healthy body is not achieved overnight so some go on different kinds of diet and some who prefer physical activity, do exercises. Well, almost all of us know that we exercise because we want to achieve a specific body goal or we want to maintain one. Either that or we do it for some health reason. With that said, let us know more about the benefits of exercise that you might be learning for the first time.


Menopausal Fat Burner

According to Nody, a health and fitness blog, menopausal women who do aerobic exercises for at least around 300 minutes a week lose more fat from all the areas of their body compared to women who only exercise for about 150 minutes per week. Aside from that, it is also a very good method to reduce some of your waist circumferences.

Likely to lower Type 2 Diabetes

It was found that strength training like weight lifting, doing pilates, yoga, and gymnastics among others can be beneficial for those who are at risk of having diabetes, those who have type 2 diabetes, and those with fatty liver disease. Those forms of exercise are found to reduce the visceral fat in their lower abdomen.

Age Gracefully

This is something that you might have noticed for people who consistently do exercise. Most of them have nice skin and that is due to the release of dirt through pores when working out. So, it is not just the weight that can be remedied.

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 Manage Addictions

Exercise can also help you manage your addictions. Our body responds to any form of pleasure because of dopamine or the so-called “reward hormone” and pleasures can be very addictive. Working out is found to ward off these hormones. Physical activity distracts you from a certain craving.

Hangover Cure

The last on this list is an unusual one. Exercise can cure a hangover. It makes sense since when you work out, you sweat a lot and thereby also sweat out those alcohol toxins that you have put in your body. The only downside for this is having the will to do the exercise while you feel like your head is about to split into two.

Final words

An additional fact that you should know is that a new study has shown that doing static stretching, meaning staying in one place while you stretch, can harm your body. Static stretches that are longer than 60 seconds such as touching your toes or bending over can lead to injury. Proper warm-up activity is dancing, walking, and/or marching for at least five minutes.

Overall, whatever reason you have for doing exercises, always remember that it is best when you couple it with healthy eating habits to achieve maximum output. Since exercise can be done by children to older adults, this can also be a bonding activity that you can do with your family members. Also, make sure that the type of exercise that you are doing is fit for you. For this, you can always consult any fitness experts or read and visit fitness websites to know more.

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