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The Benefits of Hiring Via Temp Agency



Hiring Via Temp Agency

All businesses can relate to the struggle with the workload during peak seasons. To cope with a seasonal peak in demand, companies often rely on temporary hired help since recruiting full-timer for temporary needs isn’t prudent. This helps to reduce the workload on the employees, keep them productive, and save valuable resources too.

The best method to find the most qualified candidates is through a staffing agency. If you are an employer in Seattle, get in touch with a prominent temp agency Seattle. They can swiftly hire the ideal candidate you were looking for.

Here’s how you can benefit from hiring via a staffing agency.


They Have Expertise

Staffing agencies are specialized in hiring employees for various private companies. Their team consists of experienced and knowledgeable recruiters who have a discerning eye for the truly qualified. Therefore, you can expect a level of expertise that is unmatched even in the HR department.

They have a wide connection with job seekers and employers. Therefore, they have a connection with some of the most skilled and talented candidates too. Finding the best candidates on your own can become difficult. Your advertisement may not reach all suitable candidates. But staffing agencies can easily get in touch with them.

They also have in-depth knowledge of the industry, which helps them to understand your business requirements. Moreover, they keep track of the changing trends of the market, so you can rely on them to find the most qualified team member for you.

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They Handle Entire Recruitment Process

The entire recruitment process is quite time consuming, as it is costly. You can reserve these resources to be more productive if someone else can conduct the recruitments for you. This is why most companies rely on temp agencies to find temporary staff.

Once you let them know your requirements, they will post the recruitment advertisement. They will also scan resumes and conduct interviews on your behalf while you can focus on your business.

Any good staffing agency will also provide training for your new temporary recruits. Another amazing benefit of a staffing agency is that they handle employee paperwork. Their payroll, taxes, employment benefits, severance pay, and everything else will be handled by the staffing agency.

It Saves Time and Money

It takes a lot of money to conduct interviews, provide additional training and skills. There is also the additional cost of pre-employment tests and background checks that also costs quite a lot. The entire process of recruitment, job advertisement consumes a lot of time too.

Staffing agencies, on the other hand, can select candidates within a few days and conduct all the necessary checks and training. This can save not only time but also helps to cut costs by a great margin.


Temp agencies are also a great way to hire temporary employees and see if they are fit for the company. Hiring temporary workers is cheaper too, so you can save a lot of money there.

One of the top temp agencies in Seattle is Scion Staffing. If you are looking for a high-quality and affordable staffing solution, you should consider getting in touch with them.

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