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Benefits of Vitamin D and its Sources



Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the necessary nutrients that our body needs for development and growth. It is naturally found in some foods while we also take it in the form of supplements. Sun is considered the biggest source of vitamin D as it aids in the synthesis of vitamin D with the help of its rays when they hit the skin. There are innumerable health benefits of taking this kind of vitamin. Let us see how it is beneficial for our health. We should add milk to our diet for making for the vitamin D deficiencies.


It is good for bones:

You might have heard doctors advising their patients to take vitamin D supplements as they age. This is because of its ability to strengthen the bones. Bones need to absorb calcium to undergo mineralization. Taking vitamin D-rich foods and supplements can boost the ability of the bones to absorb calcium. So, when you age, you need to increase the intake of vitamin D so you can prevent your bones from wearing out.

It boosts the immune system:

Those who need to build immunity are often asked to take various supplements such as vitamin C and D. Vitamin is predominantly useful in fighting off the bacteria and supporting the immune system of the body. it has been seen by researchers that vitamin D helps treat acute respiratory infections. There are lots of sources of vitamin D such as orange juice, milk. One of the biggest sources of vitamin D is animal food. Those who want to live healthily and get sunshine vitamins can get Maine lobster seafood rolls and other seafood recipes to their diet. Seafood including Tuna, Trout, Salmon, and lobsters are rich in vitamin D and omega 3. Buy fresh lobster at Fish Me and fulfill your needs for healthy nutrients.

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It can prevent diabetes:

Researchers have found that vitamin D is very effective for those who want to prevent type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Although it does not work alone to prevent the situation of an overabundance of sugar in the body, it can work the magic if it is taken in combination with calcium. The ideal dosage of this vitamin for preventing diabetes is more than 800mg. People suffering from obesity are generally at high risk to suffer from diabetes. They should add seafood and other dairy products to their diet to increase protein intake for boosting metabolism and getting necessary supplements for leading a healthy life.

It protects from stroke:

People have a reduced risk of stroke when they intake vitamin D. it has been seen that very few people who have suffered from a stroke have been taking supplements of vitamin D with the dosage of 2000 mg per day. It also prevents stroke because the food that we take to meet our vitamin D daily needs usually has less cholesterol and fats such as seafood that ultimately prevents stroke from happening.

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