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The Best Summer Shoes to Keep Your Toddler Cool



Summer Shoes for Toddler

The warm months of summer not only call for a change to your wardrobe but also for your toddler’s. Therefore, it is crucial to find the right balance between items that are practical but also ones that are comfortable.

Finding the perfect shoes for your little one to get them through the hot weather isn’t a complicated process. Whether you are looking for everyday shoes, kids sandals, or something for the beach, there is a right fit for any occasion.


Tips for Buying Toddler’s Shoes

Before you go to the shops for the perfect shoe, you must know what you’re looking for. Of course, kids’ shoes require special features. Probably, the most important thing is non-slip footpads. But style, durability, material, and washability are all things to keep in mind when making your purchases.

Why the Perfect Fit?

Buying shoes that correctly fit your child is very important. Because the bones in the feet are still growing at this stage, they are still pliable and can be negatively affected in their growth by ill-fitting shoes. In addition, shoes that are too big are just as damaging as shoes that are too small.

Small children cannot perceive the fit of their shoes the same way an adult can. Therefore, do not go by labeled shoe sizes, as these can vary too much to be accurate. The best way to know if they fit is to try them on. Additionally, if you plan to add socks to the outfits, remember to factor in the extra room needed to accommodate them.

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Breathable Material

Look for footwear that has breathable material to encourage airflow on those hot days. This will not only be more comfortable for your child to wear but will also decrease the risk of blisters and keep away the smell.


Most kids love to get dirty. Running through the water, playing in the sand, or turning the backyard into their own excavation zone will lead back to a mess. Find shoes that are low maintenance to keep clean and require minimal effort to wash.


Like adults, kids have their own preferences regarding what they will or won’t wear. The variety in children’s footwear is immense, ranging from colors to styles to unique additions like lights or squeakers. You don’t need to be boring to be practical.


When buying everyday shoes for your toddlers, you should look to cover a quick checklist. Shoes that are lightweight, quick-drying, lace-up free (for easy slip-on), and somewhat neutral in color and design are what you need.

Buying shoes for growing kids can become an expensive task. So finding versatile footwear that matches most clothing items you already have and is a comfortable fit now will help you get the most out of them.


Durable, light sandals are perfect for those who plan to spend most of their summer outdoors with their toddlers. The strap-on design makes for easy on and off but holds firm when your little one gets adventurous. In addition, an adjustable strap will help carry these through multiple growing years, extending their longevity.

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Look for foam or rubber material as opposed to cloth. This will make them easier to keep clean but will help with the drying time if water is involved. Faux leather materials are also suitable for sandals because they can double as more formal summer shoes.

light sandals


A shoe with full coverage will be ideal if your toddler is always on the move. Covering the toe area will prevent any stub-toe injuries and offer more protection from debris out in the open.

Most active kids’ footwear has breathable fabric, sturdy soles, and slip-resistant materials for a secure fit.

Ditch the lace-ups for a velcro strap to make the application more manageable and allows you to adjust the tightness of the shoe if you want a more snug fit.


As temperatures get hotter, the popularity of swim shoes continues to grow worldwide. Designed to protect the wearer from hot sand, sharp shells or other debris, and harmful sealife, finding the right swim shoe will be a game changer for summers by the water.

A full coverage shoe with waterproof material, a durable and full-grip rubber sole, and fun, bright colors will keep your child safe and add fun to their summer wardrobe.

Rain Boot

In large parts of the globe, the hotter months bring an increase in rainfall. But unlike their winter counterparts, summer rain boots are primarily for function and not for warmth. As a result, basic rubber or silicon boots will be ideal throughout the season.

There is a massive range of colors and exciting patterns to pick from. The grippy materials mean there is no risk of slipping on wet surfaces, and bright colors are easy to spot and recognize.

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Rain Boot


For special occasions or evening’s out, dressy summer footwear exists for your toddler. Created with materials that are naturally associated with more formal dressing, buying shoes that are appropriate but also suitable for children is possible.

Faux leather sandals are a great option for both boys and girls. The shoe style keeps the foot very cool and airy, while the material is water-friendly and scuff-proof.

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