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Super-Cute Toddler Boys Outfit Ideas



Toddler Boys Outfit Ideas

Buying clothes for your toddler son can be a bit of a tricky task. Most boys spend their time outside, playing, getting dirty, or all three. This makes buying the right clothes for them difficult, but not impossible.

From boy’s sandals to t-shirts and button-ups, here is everything you need to know about buying clothes, and what you should get.


Tips for Dressing Toddler Boys

When it comes to dressing your son, there are a few things you should remember. It isn’t always as simple as putting them in the first thing you see.

Slip-On Pants

When buying pants and shorts, opt for ones with elastic waistbands that can be put on and taken off easily. This is incredibly helpful if your child still wears diapers or is learning to potty-train, as you can get them off quickly ad minimise accidents.

Stock Up on Basics

Toddlers, no matter what they are doing, are going to get messy. This means stocking up on basics that you can stick in the washing machine is excellent. Quick tip, buy a size or two bigger so that your child doesn’t grow out of them quickly.

Choose Cotton

Cotton is not only one of the softest materials around but also one of the best to keep you cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cold. Cotton is also easy to clean, perfect if grass and food stains are common.

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Sun-Blocking Clothes

If your child enjoys being outdoors, ensure you have a pile of sun-blocking clothes. You can buy long-sleeve t-shirts that are light and breathable but will protect your child’s skin against the sun.


Some of the best and most versatile shoes you can buy are sandals, especially during warmer months. Your child can wear them all the time, from the park to the sea, they allow their feet to breathe, and they provide just enough protection against the hot ground.


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Once again, if you are outdoors a lot, you will need to get your child a hat. Their hair is most likely still thin, and they won’t have a lot of it, and their head skin is very sensitive. Combine with sunscreen to provide maximum protection against the sun.

Toddler Boy Must-Haves

Not only are the items here must-haves, but they are also great for creating outfits and mixing and matching without having to spend more money.


The first thing you will want to get is some t-shirts. T-shirts are great on their own with a pair of shorts or pants, but they can also be a base layer in Winter if your child is feeling cold. You can take them a step further, too, and they can be a pyjama top.

T-shirts are also relatively cheap and easy to replace, meaning if some get too dirty or broken, it won’t hurt the wallet too badly.

Button-Up Shirt

Considering almost every grown man should have a nice button-up in their closet, your son should have one too. They are incredibly cute, can be worn almost anywhere, and most are made from cotton or another strong material.

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Combine the button-up with a pair of denim shorts or jeans, and you have a very smart outfit. If your son is feeling a little country one day, you can wear it under overalls.

Cargo Shorts

Cargo sorts were designed to be worn outside and get dirty. They are easy to wear and clean, and your son will probably love the idea of having multiple pockets to store all of his things. Combine a pair with a t-shirt and sandals, and you have a super-comfortable Summer adventure outfit.


Once again, another item most people own and love to wear is sneakers. Nowadays, there are almost as many children’s sneakers options as there are adult sneakers options. You can get them in hundreds of different shapes and colours, and they’re a great way to add some fun and colour to an out.


Overalls have been popular with adults and kids for decades now. They are comfortable, can be worn in both Summer and Winter, and are an outfit all on their own. As mentioned, you can add a button-up shirt or t-shirt underneath for a more complete look.

Overalls are also meant to be rugged and worn while doing activities, meaning they are ideal for kids who spend time outdoors and like to get their hands dirty.


While jeans can be comfortable, joggers are simply better. They are easy to wear, super-soft and cosy, and one of the best things to put on when it’s chilly outside. Your child can wear them with a t-shirt if it isn’t too cold, or a jersey when it is.

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They are also usually not as expensive as something like jeans, meaning you can pick up a few pairs of something that does the same job as jeans but is much cheaper.


Another excellent item for both Summer and Winter, vests are a more simple version of a t-shirt but just as versatile. Your child can wear them with shorts, as pyjamas, or even in the pool if you are worried about sunburn.

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