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Top 3 Biggest Casinos in Canada



Casinos in Canada

Canadians have lots of options when it comes to gambling venues. They have land-based Canadian casinos and online set-ups, and they do enjoy enough horseracing to make it competitive. How many casinos are in Canada? There are over 200 establishments all over the country, with some of the biggest casinos in Canada established in the most populous cities.

Casino Montreal is the biggest casino in Canada, with several casino table games, slot machines, and lots of space for movement. Casino Resort is also a grand casino in Canada with some of the best amenities for locals and tourists. Most online casinos in Canada are aligned with their land-based counterparts to make it easier to get licensed, and it’s also a good way for offline establishments to diversify their incomes.

When gambling at a casino in the country, you may not just want the largest casino. You also want it to be licensed, have enough casino games for diversity, and be staff-friendly since you will be interacting a lot at land-based casinos.


Provinces and Territories with Casinos

Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Quebec, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Alberta are the main provinces where casino establishments are located in the country. Most of these establishments are licensed and regulated by Kahnawake, and they have online sites to cater to players who would rather gamble from the comfort of their homes.

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Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta allow Video Lottery Terminals, also known as VLTs, where players can indulge in scraps, bingo, lotto, and scratch cards for profits. Ontario has 72 gambling establishments, making it the province with some of the biggest casino buildings, so any gambler that wants to sample as many of them as possible will be at home here.

Canadian Casino Business Overview

The Native American inhabitants started gambling to pass the time and socialize, and it remained an activity they enjoyed until an 1892 blanket ban by the Canadian government. This remained the case until gambling was reintroduced in 1925 for charitable events. While the setting wasn’t that of an online casino Canada 1 dollar deposit, there was order, and players went on their business effectively. There were no major rules governing gambling until much later in the 1900s

1969 was the year of significant changes in this sector, thanks to the amendment of the Canadian Criminal Code. It allowed legal lotteries under the federal and provincial governments for raising funds during special occasions. Things got even better in 1985 when provincial governments received the green light to take charge, which led to the establishment of local regulatory bodies.

The early 90s saw the establishment of Vegas-style casinos, and there was a distinction in how they were operated. Some were and are still under the local governments, while others are managed and overseen by private companies. Today, Canadians have the freedom to gamble offline and online at local and international casinos. The industry is an economic booster as most casinos are complete resorts where people dine, gamble, and vacation.

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Casino De Montréal – Quebec

It’s not just the grandest in the country but also the third-largest globally. It’s set on 526,488-square feet and has over 3200 slot machines and more than115 gaming tables where gamers can mingle and play all day and night. A unique space called “The Zone” allows you and your friends to play interactively while watching your results on a big screen.

River Rock – Richmond, B.C.

This Great Canadian Gaming-owned casino receives over 7,000 visitors each day and has the space to accommodate as many as possible. It was opened in 2004 and has been going strong since, with an expected hiccup during the lockdown caused by COVID-19. Its 70,000 square feet space accommodates over 1,100 slot machines and several game tables. It is said to have generated $244 million in revenue after only two years of operation.

Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino

Being at the Ambassador Bridge allows players from Detroit to cross over and party with their Ontario counterparts at this majestic casino with 14 poker room tables. The gaming space is a solid 100,000 square feet.


Ontario has the biggest concentration of casinos, with over 70 establishments. Some of the grandest gaming houses are here, so it makes sense that a large portion of the $16 billion annual gaming revenue comes from here. Some of the best-known names include Niagara Falls, Casino Rama Resort, and Elements Casino, Brantford.

Facts about Casinos in Canada

  • While private companies operate some casinos, such as Hard Rock Incorporated and Caesars Entertainment, others are overseen by government-owned bodies.
  • About 220,000 Canadians have a gambling problem, and the number is expected to rise in the future. Canadians lose over $500,000 a year. Thanks to regulations and sites that help gambling addicts, the number of problem gamblers in the country between 2002 and 2018 has reduced.
  • Gambling here is a $16 billion industry. Though players are not taxed for their winnings unless it is their main income-generating activity, companies that offer these services are since they are treated just like regular businesses.
  • There are over 19 million gamblers in the country, ranking it 8th worldwide.
  • One problem Canadian gambler lost $701,000 in one year while gaming at Electronic Gaming Machines. This means he visited the EGMs at least 294 times in that year and bet $2,385 on average per visit.
  • There are more male gamers than their female counterparts, which is mostly the case in several parts of the world.
  • Lottery and scratch tickets are the most played games in the country.
  • Ontario leads in the revenues raised from gambling in Canada, with $3.8 billion collected annually.
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Casino inscription


Even though online gambling is gaining momentum, Canadians still love their resorts and land-based casinos. They troop there in their numbers and encourage tourists to do the same. The establishments spare no expense when coming up with some of the best gaming spaces, and the revenue from this industry keeps growing. The number of problem casino gamblers is relatively low, considering the country has one the highest numbers of gamblers in the world.

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