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Blitzing through the Reels



Blitzing through the Reels

With a game that showers you with spins, there are up to a whopping 4,096 ways to succeed! If you’re ever looking for more elements in gameplay, then this online slot could be the answer to liven up your online slot experience. With a range of online Slots from top providers, Buffalo Blitz could soon become your number-one choice within the world of online gaming.


How to play

Join the great buffalo, and use all of your might to join its quest to take over the reels! Get prepared to use your brute force and collect as many buffalos as possible.

Following the traditional way to the slot, this game is a super-sized version of Online Slots. With six reels, which is already above the number of reels in a typical slot game, Buffalo Blitz is not only buffalo-like in name, but also in nature.

As the reels turn, wilds can appear on each one, except for reel number one, which is quite unusual for a classic slot game. With this increase in your chances, it already starts the game off on a good hoof.

In most classic Slots, you usually win from up to three reels, which is why this game is definitely one to play. To unlock this, all you need to do is gain six buffalos, which is the highest-paying symbol.

This may already seem amazing, but the main feature to really unlock is the free spins round, which really ups the gameplay levels. Anytime three or more scatters are rolled, there is a range of possibilities to win a number of free spins. For example, the greatest number of free spins that are available is 100, which is achieved by rolling six scatters.

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In different slot gaming experiences, there is often a lack of options to unlock more features during bonus rounds, however, free spins or games can be retriggered if more scatters are then rolled during a bonus round. The fun is endless and makes for an entertaining experience!

To top it off – the best-case scenario would be the choice to win up to a grand total of 200 free spins!

Come and join the Buffalo Blitz series

With more opportunities within this online experience, it may seem as though it would be a difficult game to become familiar with, however, it is quite the opposite. Especially perfect for beginners, this online slot game is made for all. The only thing to do is look out for buffalos and any other symbols that may appear.

With the lowest number of free spins to gain being an already large eight, by just gaining three scatters, the amount of gameplay can only multiply from here. This reason alone could make you want to join team buffalo and it’s a super-sized way of gaming.

With this being just one of the online slot games in the Buffalo Blitz series, why not explore the number of different choices, and grab the buffalo by the horns? Go wild, blitz each payline and release your inner buffalo!

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