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5 Boats for Rent in Chicago



Boats for Rent

Chicago is known as “The Windy City” and has a myriad of exciting things to see and do. The city is nestled along the Chicago River. This 156-mile long river begins in Park City, Illinois, and winds its way through Chicago.

If you’re looking to do something new and exciting on your next visit to Chicago, a boat ride is a great option.

Read on for a list of five boats for rent in Chicago, so you explore this beautiful city in a whole new way.


  1. Get Set for Leisure on a Cycleboat

Think of a cycleboat as a boat, bicycle, and floating bar all in one. This fun boat rental is a fantastic way to explore Chicago at a relaxing, leisurely pace.

When you rent a cycleboat, every passenger is responsible for paddling. Make sure that your legs are strong so you’re ready to join in on the fun. As you start to peddle, the boat will begin to move and glide through the water.

Once you start peddling your bicycle-boat hybrid along the river, you’ll enjoy some pretty amazing views. Since these awesome boats also have a built-in table, you will also get a chance to relax and sip on a delicious beverage or two.

Many cycleboat tours also include a delicious meal or some light food as part of the cost. Check with several companies in the Chicago area to find the service that works best for you.

  1. Rent a Kayak

You might think of kayaking as a sport for people who enjoy the rugged wilderness of hidden lakes, rivers, and streams. But you can actually rent a kayak in Chicago, too.

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These narrow boats require a bit of skill to get them moving, but they’re tons of fun once you get the hang of it. Most kayak boat rentals include a guide who will help you navigate and paddle safely.

Look for a kayak rental company that launches in a part of the city that you desire. Different kayak rentals have launch spots at various locations throughout the city of Chicago.

The best and most breathtaking views of The Windy City are there for you to discover as you paddle your way through the river. Make sure you bring some spare clothes just in case you get a little wet during your adventure.

  1. Boats for Rent: Party Yachts

If you really want to live the high life in Chicago, rent a yacht. Most quality party yachts for rent are private so you can enjoy hitting the river with just your family and friends.

A party yacht is a great way to relax and enjoy exploring the Chicago River in style. Not only is this boat rental great for checking out the city, but it’s also perfect for booking parties and other special occasions.

Your captain will set sail along the river as you sit back, relax, and sip on a drink. A party yacht is truly an awesome way to enjoy the beautiful city of Chicago and all it has to offer.

Renting a party yacht is a great way to celebrate and spend some quality time with your friends and family. Choose a yacht rental company that provides private charters for the best experience.

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If you really want a memorable experience, book your yacht trip to be out at sunset. This is an amazing way to take in the beauty of this famous city as the sun slowly descends on the horizon.

  1. Be Adventurous and Rent a Canoe

You can also be brave and rent a canoe in Chicago. These boats are similar to a kayak but have bench-style seats and an open design.

If you decide to rent a canoe during your trip, pay close attention to the weather conditions. Rough winds can create choppy waters that may make both kayaking and canoeing dangerous.

On the other hand, renting a canoe to explore Chicago is a fantastic experience when the weather is nice. Look for a canoe rental company either in the city or just outside of it.

Make sure you practice safe paddling and always canoe with a partner.

  1. Try a Pontoon

A pontoon is a boat with a flat bottom that uses two large floats to keep it buoyant. These popular boats are a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

When you try these boats for rent, you’ll enjoy a truly fun experience. Most pontoon boat rentals in Chicago have room for around eight to 12 passengers. This means you’ll enjoy a much more intimate ride through the river.

Some pontoon services have private rentals just for your family and friends. Others offer public tours, but you’ll want to sign up for your boat rental in advance. Check with several boat rental companies to find out how to snag your tickets.

No matter which type of boat you rent while in Chicago, it’s best to make your reservations early. You don’t want to be left without the chance to experience this incredible city on the water.

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Explore Chicago’s Waterways in Style!

Consider these five boats for rent in Chicago when you’re ready to explore The Windy City. Whether it’s a kayak or canoe or a party yacht, the possibilities are endless.

Try to book your boat trip in advance so that you don’t miss out on the fun.

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