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Best Budget-Friendly Caribbean Destinations



Budget-Friendly Caribbean Destinations

The Caribbean is a stunning vacation destination. Unfortunately, certain stops can be more expensive than others, especially if you’re traveling with children. If you want to visit the aquamarine waters and white sand beaches of the Caribbean, but don’t want to deplete your bank account, here are three destinations to keep in mind.



The first budget-friendly Caribbean destination is the island of Barbados. This small island is under 200 square miles, making it a perfect quaint stop on your trip. While it isn’t one of the larger islands in the West Indies, Barbados is home to beautiful scenery, lively culture, and peaceful beaches. Additionally, this gem of an island is relatively cheap to travel to, although you may have to stalk the travel pages. Because of its beauty and low prices, this island is popular with tourists and families while also being home to people of its own. If you intend on going to Barbados on vacation, start looking for lodging early so you can beat the crowds.

Booking directly in Barbados isn’t the only way to experience the island. Because of its popularity, many Caribbean cruise lines include the island in their ports of call. If you prefer your vacation to be a bit less hands-on and more relaxing, booking a cruise is a great way to travel. On a Caribbean cruise, you’ll get to see multiple islands, as well as tour the beautiful seas this area of the world is known for. Whether you’d rather lay out on the beach or relax on a cruise ship, Barbados is a great stop for budget-conscious travelers.

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Trinidad & Tobago

The second budget-friendly destination to keep in mind is Trinidad and Tobago. These two islands are nestled together with only 19 miles separating them. Because of their close proximity, visitors to one often hop between both for the duration of their stay. While these spots are close, the environments are wildly different. Trinidad tends to be a city and culture center, while Tobago protects the native wildlife and beaches. If you want to shop one day and hike the next, these islands are perfect for your Caribbean getaway.

Like many Caribbean islands, Trinidad and Tobago have rich culture and history spanning centuries. The locals and natives of these islands are eager to celebrate their past, with festivals like Trinidad Carnival bringing in thousands of tourists from around the world. This celebration features music, dancing, and colorful costumes adorned with feathers and jewels. If you like to get lively and celebrate culture, head to Trinidad and Tobago in the spring for a party you’ll never forget. Whether you enjoy hiking through forests listening to birds or shopping in city centers, Trinidad and Tobago is the perfect budget-friendly destination.

Puerto Rico

The final budget-friendly Caribbean destination on this list is Puerto Rico. This bigger island is on the eastern side of the Caribbean sea, with closer proximity to the mainland. As such, there is more of a homey feel for those who don’t want to fully immerse themselves in a foreign culture. Throughout this island, you can find a beautiful balance of natural history, local beauty, and familiar comforts. If you’ve never been outside the country before, Puerto Rico is a great place to start. Many vendors and citizens speak English, and American currency is valid in many places.

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There is plenty to experience on this Caribbean island. If you venture into San Juan, you can see the famed Castillo San Cristobal fortress that has been in use since the 1700s. Even soldiers of World War 2 took shelter in the great stone walls while they protected Puerto Rico from danger. The coast offers jungles, waterfalls, and serene beaches to round out your vacation. Whether you’re more interested in history or just beautiful landscapes, Puerto Rico is a great Caribbean destination that won’t break the bank.

You don’t have to ruin your budget to have a nice vacation. With these destinations, you can enjoy the Caribbean while saving your money.

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