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Volleyball is a popular sport among many people because it is a fun way of giving the body an intense workout. Two to 10 people can enjoy playing this sport at the beach, on the street, or indoors. Whether for competition, training, practice, or team bonding, it is best to use the best volleyball equipment, so everyone can enjoy this great activity.

Different Types of Volleyballs

In general, there are two types of volleyballs; beach or outdoor volleyball and indoor volleyball. Each kind can be made from rubber, composite leather, and natural leather. Also, women’s leagues and youth leagues use specific types of volleyballs.

  • Rubber. These balls are suitable for playground use.
  • Composite leather. The overall experience and the level of playability depend on the quality of the volleyball. The advancement of technology allows manufacturers to improve on their composite leather volleyballs.
  • Leather. These balls are ideal for competition, and significant leagues prefer leather volleyballs.
  • Women’s Only. For women’s leagues, the volleyballs are lighter and slightly smaller than the men’s volleyballs.
  • Youth. These volleyballs are lighter, smaller, and much easier to handle, perfect for the kids’ hands.

You can find various volleyballs according to your purpose. Considering the grade of the leather, most players prefer to use 100% leather. It offers more excellent playability and a better feel because it is soft to the touch. However, some players are turning to composite leather, thanks to new technologies that improve the performance of synthetic balls.

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Choosing Your Volleyball Net

The net is a piece of volleyball equipment that should last longer than one season. With this, it is essential to get a durable product made of quality materials. While you may buy a net only, you may opt for an entire system with antennas and mounts.

Additional features may be optional for recreational or amateur play, but a complete volleyball system is essential for professional use. For example, long antennas work as marks on the court sidelines.

Some volleyball net systems are floor- or wall-mounted models. If you go for stationary nets, you will need to install them once and not touch them again. If you need to set up the net in various locations, look for those portable poles.

Men, women, and youth usually play with the same net size but are set up at different heights. There is no specific weight for nets, so that you may choose a lighter option for easy transport.

Wear Knee and Elbow Pads

Those volleyball players who play indoors rely on wearing knee and elbow pads to protect themselves while playing the sport. When choosing these pads, make sure the material is lightweight and breathable. They should fit well to the shape of your elbows and legs, meaning not too tight or too loose.

The thickness of these volleyball protector pads vary, so pick those that can reduce the impact when you come in contact with the hard ground. Also, the positioning of the knee and elbow padding is another factor to consider. They should be able to cover your knees and elbows according to your anatomy.

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In general, you need quality and sturdy volleyball equipment when playing the game indoors. Your gear and net system should be resistant to rain, wind, sun, and other elements for your beach volleyball. Moreover, when it comes to outdoor volleyball, do not forget to stay hydrated and apply sun protection.

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