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Calling All KPOP Aspirants! Enter the Global KPOP Audition!



Global KPOP Celebrity Festival

May 2024 brings a shining opportunity in Korea. The stage is set for the Global KPOP Celebrity Festival at Songdo Convensia in Incheon, where your talent could sparkle on an international platform.

How to Participate

Just like NewJeans’s Lee Hyein, become a celebrity. If you want to walk the same path as the stars discovered by Prankers, participate in the global audition now! Upload a video on SNS or YouTube, and through the prepared audition link, seize your chance to show your charm to the world. Fans from all over the world are waiting for you. Don’t miss the chance to let the world know of your potential this May in Incheon, the international city of Korea.

NewJeans's Lee Hyein

You can be one too!

Participation Details

 Be the Next Sensation: Follow in the footsteps of celebrities like NewJeans’s Lee Hyein, discovered by Prankers.

  • Showcase Your Unique Charm: Upload a video clip displaying your talents on social media platforms like SNS or YouTube.
  • Capture the Global Audience: Register the video URL through the provided audition link, inviting fans worldwide to witness your potential.

Global Audition

Audition Step-by-Step

  • Record a video that showcases your talents.
  • Post the video on your preferred social media or YouTube.
  • Register your video URL on the Global Audition Link available in the instructions.
  • For detailed steps and information, click on the provided link below.

showcases your talents

Stay Connected and Inquire

 the Global Audition Link:

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