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6 Top Online Social Media Video Making Tools To Drive More Traffic And Engagement



Online Social Media Video Making Tools

With social media video platforms witnessing increased traction, online streaming has surged in recent times. Nowadays, people of all age groups spend a vast portion of their time watching online content related to education, entertainment, personal wellness, and more. The booming content consumption can be ascribed to the widespread penetration of the internet and smartphone technology.

Since people are constantly on the move, video content has become an inseparable aspect of their lives. Videos ward off monotony and allow people to stay in touch with the world amidst the perpetual hustle and bustle. The growing penchant for online videos has paved the way for stiff competition in the content creation world.

Now that the internet is home to millions of proficient content creators getting high volumes of traffic to your content is no piece of cake. If you want to attain success with your video content and keep ahead of competitors, you must put your creative forces to use. Luckily, the smart utilization of technology can work wonders for supplementing your video creation efforts.

In this blog, we will list the 6 best social media video-making tools that can drive ample engagement and amplify your content’s reach in a short period.


Suitable for video creators of all skill levels, Shakr offers a superb range of fantastic templates for facilitating the creation of engaging video content. This easy-to-use video-making tool gives you access to a large collection of HD visuals, thus providing you with ample choices and flexibility with content creation.

If you have recently entered the world of video creation, look no further than Shakr as this tool can prove to be a boon for your marketing journey. There are numerous cool effects that you can utilize to enhance the quality of your video content. The tool runs seamlessly on almost every browser, offering support for multiple media files.

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Shakr’s huge array of professional-grade video templates can boost the charm of your content to a great extent. What’s good is that the templates come with amazing soundtracks that can lend a unique touch to your videos. Thanks to this tool’s simple and intuitive interface, you can prepare jaw-dropping video ads like a pro through with a couple of clicks.

Also, the platform’s drag-and-drop interface makes video editing a lot easier.

  • Rocketium

A huge favorite among modern video creators, Rocketium is one of the best platforms where you can create visually appealing content for your campaign. The cloud-based platform enables creators to choose between varied fonts, colors, and filters. It has a huge multimedia library that puts numerous themes, animations, and sound effects at your disposal.

Providing extensive support for over 100 languages, this video creation tool offers a blazing-fast social media sharing facility. Since this video-making platform is highly responsive, multimedia files do not take much time to get uploaded. Once a video is ready for download, users are shown a preview for reviewing the content quality.

So, get ready to create engaging, high-quality videos without spending a buck, as Rocketium is absolutely free to use.

  • Typito

Typito is another leading video-making tool that has recently gained much traction in the content creation sphere. The tool is packed with all the latest video-making features and editing capabilities. It offers support for 1080p videos and allows content sharing across social media platforms with a single click of a button.

Typito gives creators the opportunity to choose from a huge selection of motion graphic templates that can be customized with minimal effort. Moreover, this tool is incredibly easy to set up. It empowers users to add interesting text and images to videos instantly. With Typito, you can experiment with swaths of premade brand layouts to make your business videos look more professional.

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Typito is based on the cloud, so it does not entail any software downloads.

  • InVideo

It is the only free-to-use online video editor that lets you create stunning video content in less than 5 minutes. This web-based video editor provides aspiring content creators with access to thousands of cool pre-made templates. You can uplift the appeal of your video content in a jiffy using the extensive selection of fantastic editing effects that the platform offers.

With this tool, you get to enjoy access to a massive database of custom fonts, images, audios, etc., which you can use to infuse uniqueness in your videos. Moreover, the platform’s intuitive range of features and user-friendly interface make it a perfect choice for beginner video creators. The best part is that you just have to drag and drop your preferred templates into the editor to tweak your video content.

What distinguishes this video editor from other platforms is its 24×7 support facility aimed at providing creators with a hassle-free video-making experience. If you want to develop scroll-stopping content that uplifts engagement levels, you will not find a better tool than this one.

  • Moovly

Whether you are looking to create creative promos, tutorial clips, or explainer videos, Moovly can serve all such purposes. This tool features easily customizable templates for a variety of video niches like business, education, etc. The nicest thing is that you can enjoy the benefits of Moovly on both your mobile and laptop without downloading any software. You can leverage the tool to embed subtitles in your videos for easy comprehension.

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An inbuilt feature allows you to convert text to speech within minutes.

In addition to boasting custom fonts and colors, this video-making platform boasts a video automation facility to help you quickly create interesting content. Moovly even provides you with access to lots of free-to-use sounds, footage, and pictures. Although Moovly does offer a free plan for users, the features are limited in number.

  • Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a world-famous video editor that boasts a large selection of attractive themes using which creators can develop videos that drive loads of traffic. The many custom templates and themes will surely work like a charm for adding zing to your video content. The unlimited stock music library can come in handy for enriching videos with audio of the finest quality.

Since Adobe Spark is fully optimized for smartphones, mobile users can use this tool for video creation purposes without experiencing any lag or glitches. The platform also offers an inbuilt facility to remove watermarks from videos. While Adobe Spark is indeed a great tool for developing quality content, its interface and wide array of features can be somewhat baffling for new video creators.


There was a time when the world was reliant on traditional broadcast television for all its content consumption needs. However, the rise of social media platforms is fundamentally changing the way people consume content. Given marketers’ age-old fixation with virality, newcomers in the content creation world face difficulties standing out in the crowd.

The good news is that you can surpass competitors and gain an edge with your content simply by reworking your video marketing approach. This is where modern-day technological advances can come to your rescue. So, make sure you take your pick from the 6 mentioned tools to boost video traffic and audience engagement levels in less time.

Shabbir Ahmad is a highly accomplished and renowned professional blogger, writer, and SEO expert who has made a name for himself in the digital marketing industry. He has been offering clients from all over the world exceptional services as the founder of Dive in SEO for more than five years.

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