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CarGuard Vehicle Protection Plans Bolster Any Car’s Value



Vehicle Protection Plans

When buying a new or used car, CarGuard Vehicle Protection plans can bolster the vehicle’s resale value. When buying a car, it’s always wise to consider the resale value and evidence of a vehicle protection plan. This becomes a top-selling point because buyers know that the car has been properly serviced.

At CarGuard Administration, the company offers some of the most imaginative and useful protection plans in the vehicle protection plan industry. The company allocates a lot of company resources toward improving their protection plans, simplifying contract language, and adopting the suggestions of their owners. Employees’ connections to the administration ensure excellent communications and superior customer service.


CarGuard Vehicle Protection Plans

CarGuard Administration has a different take on service contracts, which aren’t a manufacturer warranty. Service contracts cover more routine maintenance than the average manufacturers’ warranty, and CarGuard Trevor Smith deliberately supports getting timely maintenance services to extend the life of a vehicle. These kinds of service contracts are designed to encourage regular and proper maintenance. Missing a deadline could result in losing a particular benefit because CarGuard feels so strongly about the value of routine care.

Some drivers work on their cars and know when service is needed. That’s why CarGuard Administration vehicle protection plans might not be suitable for everyone. However, most drivers appreciate the careful scheduling of maintenance services that they might overlook in their hectic lifestyles.

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The administrators and agents of the company maintain a close connection with customers, quite unlike the staff of other protection plan companies. They strive to provide the most valuable services in a timely way.

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Surprisingly, administrators at CarGuard often call clients personally to explain why a given repair isn’t covered. That’s a service that other companies never offer. The details of their Protection Plans include the following terms for its selection of Powertrain, Gold, Platinum, Flat Rate, and Prepaid Maintenance plans:

  • Powertrain Service Plans

The Powertrain Program includes the most basic plan that covers the cash value of a car or $12,500, whichever figure is more significant. The plan includes roadside assistance and a rental car for use immediately. Enhanced powertrain coverage includes the engine, transmission, turbocharger/supercharger, drive axle, cooling system, fuel system, AC, Transfer Case, Electrical, and Enhanced electrical systems.

  • Gold Service Plans

The Gold Program covers everything except specific exclusions for $12,500 or the car’s cash value, whichever is greater. All gold plans cover the engine and its components, supercharger/turbocharger, drive axle, transfer case, transmission, A/C, electrical components, steering, cooling system, fuel system, and front and rear suspension.

  • Platinum Service Plans

Platinum Service Plans represent the finest coverage of a car’s cash value or $12,500, whichever figure is greater. Of course, customers can depend on emergency roadside assistance and CarGuard’s first-day car rental program. In addition to the standard engine coverage, the platinum program also covers seals and gaskets.

  • Flat Rate Service Plans

Flat rate service allows drivers to choose their custom coverage, and the plan pays up to the limits of liability: $12,500 or the car’s cash value, whichever figure is greater. Drivers can get custom coverage based on how they drive.

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Automotive Service Plans from CarGuard

The service plans that CarGuard offers meet regular people’s needs instead of an idealized “perfect customer.” That means contracts use simple, understandable language that doesn’t need a high-priced attorney to explain. CarGard automotive protection plans are designed for simplicity, transparency, and encouragement of necessary maintenance to avoid costly repairs and money flying out of a car owner’s pockets.

The terms of these protection plans promote getting essential maintenance, which increases the new or used car’s value and curb appeal for resale.

Transparency in Business: A Refreshing Change

Businesses focus increasingly on invading their customers’ privacy by tracking their online behavior, driving habits, and insurance claims. However, CarGuard respects its customer’s privacy and offers an unparalleled benefit: business transparency. The company believes it’s essential to tell the truth in simple terms even if the information reflects unfavorably on the company or its products.

CarGuard readily admits that its protection plans don’t suit every driver. However, the company sticks to its principles of transparency, which benefits employees, customers, and business associates who can rely on the company’s promises.

Connections and CarGuard’s Promises to Customers

CarGuard can make pretty binding promises to its customers because of who they are. Customers can expect top-notch service from representatives who care what customers think. There are occasional communication problems caused by the fact that they don’t sell warranties but instead distribute vehicle protection plans.

That can result in misguided interpretations, but most of the company’s customers appreciate the ability to pay for only the services they want. Drivers appreciate the reminders to schedule car service and routine maintenance. This helps to save drivers from the cost of easily avoided expensive car repairs over the long-term outlook.

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Customers also develop a personal relationship with their agent and the company’s service staff. They pull out all the stops to build customer loyalty and provide those exceptional online experiences that most customers rank as the most important criterion when choosing a service company.

The company always strives to deliver the best customer experience. The company also strives for a quick response when answering a customer’s query or complaint. Responsiveness, transparency, innovation, and customer service guide all company business, and CarGuard meets its promises to secure customer trust.

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