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4 Leading Causes Of Water Damage At Home



Water Damage At Home

Even though water is one of the most beneficial resources in your home, it can also cause losses through damage. In a controlled environment, you can direct water and use it. However, there are cases where burst pipes or drain clogs can lead to water flowing into different areas of your home.

The extent of water damage can depend on the location in the building, length of exposure, and the material exposed. For instance, a wooden floor discolors and warps easily, while a concrete floor may be more resistant. On the other hand, if you don’t address a water leak in your concrete walls, it can cause molds or paint discoloration and may require an elaborate wall restoration.

Therefore, it’s vital to know the causes of water damage in your home. This way, you can take necessary water damage prevention steps to avoid or minimize the chances of its occurrence. That being said, here are some leading causes of water damage in your home:


The appliances that depend on water for daily operations need to have good connections. They should be in good working condition, too. If these appliances, like water heaters and laundry machines, malfunction, they can cause leaks. In addition, if you have poor connections to these appliances, water leakages might occur, leading to damage to your home.

Furthermore, the supply lines’ condition should also be good. Stainless steel pipes and connections can withstand constant high-water pressure. However, if you use polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or rubber pipes, they may wear out sooner and burst. This can cause extensive damage if you don’t address it sooner.

  • Severe Weather Conditions

If your location experiences frequent extreme weather conditions, your home is susceptible to water damage. Although they might not occur every day, severe storms and strong winds can cause structural damage to your home. Such damages can cause leaks on the roof or blocked drains. Thus, rainwater can damage several areas of the house as a consequence.

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In addition, heavy rainfall can cause floods, too. If your home is along the path of a flash flood, you’ll get extensive water damage. Heavy rain can also put pressure on your gutters and drainage system. Therefore, it’s crucial to check these areas frequently, especially during the rainy season.

  • Leaking And Burst Pipes

It’s easy to spot and attend to a leaking pipe in your kitchen or bathroom. Such a leak can be due to an improper fitting on the plumbing joints. Even though you might spot it early enough, it can still drip water onto the cabinet damaging it. This damage can be minor and more straightforward to fix with early attention.

On the other hand, leaks inside the plumbing system in the walls can be hard to detect on time. These leaks can cause significant damage and may require remodeling of the affected wall section. Additionally, it allows molds to grow, too.

Furthermore, if you have leaks in your piping system, a change in pressure can cause them to burst. A burst pipe can flood your home and cause damage to the floor, carpet, and furniture. Apart from bursts Leaking And Burst Pipesfrom pressure change, freezing during winter can also cause your pipes to burst. So, it’s recommended to ensure you winterize your plumbing system to prevent freezing and possible burst pipes.

  • Clogged Gutters And Blocked Drains

The gutters on your roof are designed to lead rainwater away from the walls and to the drainage system. However, if you live in a location with significant tree cover, leaves, twigs, and other debris may settle on your roof. This clutter can block the gutters if you don’t clean them regularly.

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As a result of the gutter clogging, water can settle on your roof for more extended periods. This can leak into the house and along the walls. Even though most roof materials can resist moisture, extended exposure to stagnant water can weaken the resistance material. The water damage from clogged gutters can cost you roof replacement and wall repaints.

A blocked drainage system can also cause water damage. For instance, if you have a blockage in the kitchen or bathroom drains, you can quickly get a flooded floor in your home. Such causatives as grease, toiletries, toys, or other dirt buildups can lead to water damage.

Therefore, it’d be advisable to clean your roof and gutters to prevent clogging regularly. On the other hand, it’d be best to ensure foreign materials don’t go through your drainpipes. Drain grills can help you achieve this.


Water damage in your home can lead to expensive remodeling, repairs, and maintenance. However, if you know what can cause water damage, you can take measures to prevent or minimize damages that may occur. The above leading causatives can help you implement necessary preventative measures.

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