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Why CBD Oil Claimed as the Miraculous Panacea – Health Benefits of CBD



Health Benefits of CBD

Over the last couple of years, CBD has been escalating the ladder to success and becoming a quite popular alternative treatment method for a lot of people, and its popularity has even rewarded it with a national day inside the United States, with it being August 8th.

But why does CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol, has become so famous over the years, as a method to treat pain, inflammation, insomnia, and anxiety? Even more, considering how young research is regarding cannabidiol as a form of treatment!

Well, it is all thanks to its celebrated reputation among the community. For a lot of people, and even pet owners, CBD oil has gained its reputation as a miraculous panacea, that was able to achieve what a lot of people have been seeking for a long time: relief.

Whether it is relief for sleeping disorders, inflammatory diseases, pain-inducing conditions, joint and mobility problems, panic attacks, and extreme anxiety, cannabidiol has become a rather reliable solution for a lot of people.

And there’s a reason for that.

Cannabidiol vs Medicinal Cannabis

Now, it is certainly true that cannabidiol can help with all those conditions I mentioned before. But so does medicinal cannabis They are both pretty similar as methods of treatments since they both works because of compounds found in the plant’s structure.

Well, cannabidiol itself is a compound found in the cannabis plant, classified as a cannabinoid, and pretty much capable of providing health benefits and relief for many physical and mental conditions.

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Medicinal cannabis, on the other hand, works thanks to another cannabinoid, a compound known as THC. Although the health benefits are pretty much the same, THC is known in the community for getting animals and people high, and as mentioned in this article, CBD will not get you high, and that’s because CBD products don’t contain THC.

This makes it a more dependable alternative for most people since getting high can slow you down or even make it impossible to achieve and perform certain activities, like studying, working, or driving.

Why Cannabidiol Wins Over Traditional Drugs

Still, with all of that information, there’s still one question to answer: why does the community choose cannabidiol over traditional drugs? Although cannabidiol is capable of achieving the same health benefits as most traditional drugs, there must be a reason why people prefer it over historically proven medicine, and that is a very simple reason: side-effects.

In recent years, medical experiments and researches have shown the beneficial impact of cbd oil for pets. Many scientific studies have been carried out to show how CBD oil helps pets in terms of aiding their digestion, improving sleep patterns and alleviating bone and joint pains in senior pets. This means that both animals and human beings stand to benefit from using CBD oil. As we speak, there are numerous studies that are being pursued to prove the benefits and usages of CBD.

You see, traditional drugs, although effective, have gained a really bad reputation over the years, and that is because they tend to cause really severe side-effects long-term. Good examples of this are anti-inflammatory medication, sleeping pills as well as pain relievers.

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Among the side-effects, you can include liver damage, nausea, vomit, diarrhea, loss of appetite, problems with focus, mood swings, depression, and lack of motivation. Overall, it can affect the way a person acts and reacts, so it has been perceived as a bad form of treatment over the years.

Although CBD has side-effects, they are not as nearly as severe as the previously mentioned side-effects, and if correctly used, with the right dosage and discipline, these side-effects can be easily avoided. You can learn more detailed information about it over here if you are interested.

As mentioned earlier, research is still young and there’s much to know about it and its possible side-effects, but in studies conducted to research its functionality at reducing epileptic seizures, with a success of reducing seizures up to 32% in more than 120 people.

Only around 28% of the patients suffered from side-effects, including diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, and nausea. These side-effects, though, were dealt with by reducing the dosage.


The advantage of the most common derivation of CBD, oil, is that it can be used to consume specific dosages with careful measurements. This helps achieve the right dosage and avoid side effects. Oil also lasts for a very long time, which is helpful for those who don’t consume it every day, but occasionally.

It takes some time to kick in due to its nature but provides a lasting effect that can relieve pain and inflammation for a long time.

Other Options: Edibles and Vaping Oil

You also have the option to choose edibles, with gummies and cookies being the most commonly found right now. They have their advantages. Edibles are more discreet, and of course, more appetizing. Some people might prefer them over oils because of the oil’s texture and flavor, but they have to be consumed before they expire.

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Vaping oil can provide a much stronger, quicker effect since it works faster in the system, and this is more effective for people who suffer from panic attacks, sudden anxiety problems, and inflammatory or pain-inducing conditions.

Both tend to be a little more expensive, though, so take that into consideration when choosing which one to use.

CBD for Pets

CBD for Pets

Cannabidiol is also being used as a treatment method for pets, which has gained a lot of popularity because of how commonly senior pets suffer from joint pain, cancer, and other inflammatory diseases.

Cannabidiol products are also used to calm them down and reduce their anxiety during stressful situations, and you can find multiple products for different animals. CBD catnip, sprays, snacks, and food are really good examples of products aimed towards pets, and since they don’t contain THC, they are safe for them to consume!

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