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4 Things You Need To Know About Vaping In 2021



Vaping In 2021

By now, you may have heard a lot about vaping from online forums, portals, and all over social media. Since its inception, it’s grown in popularity to quite a wide extent. As a brief background, vaping refers to the process of inhaling vapor by using an electronic cigarette or any other vaping device.

In turn, this device is powered usually by a battery and it has a cartridge containing liquid. This liquid has a mix of chemicals, nicotine, and flavorings. After heating this liquid, you can then inhale the vapor that’s formed.

Vaping 101

vaping at home

If you’ve decided to start vaping at home as your alternative to traditional smoking, here are four things you must know about it:

  1. Vaping Being Considered Safer Than Smoking May Be True

One of the most common reasons why people start vaping is they’re trying to stop their smoking habit. This is understandable, especially since vaping is considerably safer than smoking. Regular tobacco has so much nicotine in it, but with vape, the liquid itself generally contains a lot lesser tobacco.

A word of caution here is to keep the chemical content minimal and intact, and it’s best for you to avoid making any unnecessary modifications to the vape liquid. Most importantly, never purchase from the black market. Always buy from reputable sellers like Red Vape and others like them to prevent any defects.

  1. Contents Of E-Juice

Before you start vaping, you must have enough background knowledge on the contents of the e-juice, so every time you purchase one, you’ll know how to compare and check the labels. Generally, e-juice will contain a mixture of nicotine, vegetable glycerin, flavorings, and propylene glycol. Here’s a breakdown of these contents:

  • Nicotine
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Most vape liquids will still have nicotine content in it, but they’d be considerably lower than what a traditional cigarette has.

  • Vegetable Glycerin

Once processed, the vegetable glycerin is converted into a form of alcohol. It becomes a non-toxic substance with no smell but a pleasant taste. The good thing about vegetable glycerin is it’s also commonly found in many medicines, convincing you it won’t cause as many health problems as traditional smoking.

Also, this substance comprises about 80% of the entire composition of the vape liquid. Hence, it shows a vape liquid has lesser nicotine than a traditional cigarette would have.

  • Flavorings

These are what sets apart vape from traditional cigarettes. Vape liquids have a more pleasant taste and smell because the liquid itself is mixed with flavoring. This can be anything of your choice like chocolate, vanilla, bubble gum, strawberry, and mango, among others.

  • Propylene Glycol

The remaining liquid not in the vegetable glycerin is mostly made out of propylene glycol. These are less viscous than vegetable glycerin, which makes them great for use in older atomizers and clearomizers.

Compared with vegetable glycerin, however, some people could be more sensitive to propylene glycol. So if you feel any of these sensitivities arising, you may want to switch to a vape liquid to have more vegetable glycerin than propylene glycol. Vaping is the safer choice and is at least 95% safer than smoking. Check out delta vape juice which does not contain any MCT, PG, PEG, VG, or any other cutting agents.

  1. There’s Danger Of Vape Blowing Up

Generally, good quality vape machines are going to be quite pricier, but it’s worth it, given you’re dealing with electricity. You wouldn’t want to be like those people with blown-up vape machines because of overheating.

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When the vape machine blows up, this can be very dangerous and this can cause damages and injuries to the face, eyes, nose, and mouth. Keep yourself protected always by purchasing one from a seller you can trust.

  1. There Are Still Risks Associated With Vaping While pregnant

It’s important to know there are still risks associated with vaping while pregnant. Just like any other thing or substance you take in, anything excessive is harmful, so you’ve got to use it in moderation.

Most importantly, don’t skimp on the quality as this makes a big difference in staying safe while vaping during pregnancy. If the liquid you’re inhaling as vapor is of inferior quality, this might mean you’re taking in so much more chemicals than what’s normal for pregnant women who vape.

Whenever you’re unsure, talk with the seller, and do check the labels. Be sure it’s manufactured by a company with an established name in the vaping sector and is safe for pregnant individuals who choose to vape.


Everything you’ve read here isn’t meant to substitute sound medical advice. While vaping is generally safer than traditional smoking, this doesn’t mean you won’t get addicted. At the very least, do consult a doctor. In this way, you’ll know you’re still within the bounds of safety. Vaping can be fun as long as you know your limits and you’re using quality materials.

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