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The Changing Trends in Cybersecurity



Changing Trends in Cybersecurity

We are a society that relies on the internet. Internet usage has helped us in various daily activities. Today, we can shop, learn, and communicate with the help of an internet connection.

But, we are enjoying these things in exchange for our personal information. When we shop we usually provide sensitive details to push through with it. When we take online courses, personal details are recorded as well.

This makes our information exposed to other personalities using the internet. So, it is a challenge to keep this information private.

What is Cybersecurity?

This is where cybersecurity comes in. This refers to the protection of all internet-connected systems. Cybersecurity is used to protect individuals and businesses from threats.

These threats include unauthorized access to private information. This includes hardware, software, and data over the internet.

This can be in the form of different technologies, processes, and practices. It defends computers from being accessed by third-party groups.

It is a multi-layer approach to ensure the protection of said data. Strong security, such as the use of a residential proxy, protects data from being leaked or compromised. Infosec solutions like web authentication (aka WebAuthn) help websites authenticate users without passwords, which are more vulnerable to cyberattacks. A multilayered approach like this is more secure.

As the amount of data being uploaded on the internet increases every day, the importance of cybersecurity is highlighted. Million of information is exposed daily and can be susceptible to attacks. This information can be traced back to real individuals and big corporations.

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If these sets of personal data are compromised, it can harm the users. Furthermore, unauthorized access to information about big corporations may even result in greater damage.

There are different strategies that you could apply to use the internet securely.

The use of a residential proxy and installment of antivirus software are the most common ones. It is also advisable to follow new trends to improve protection. In this article, let us talk about the 2021 trends in cybersecurity.

Security Trends Today

  1. New Versions of Ransomware

Ransomware is a known threat to cybersecurity. This malicious software attacks computer networks. It paralyzes the real owners and blocks them from accessing the information on the internet.

This type of threat continues to evolve today. As the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the majority of the economy to work from home using the internet, attacks like this one have become more sophisticated.

Aside from paralyzing access, attackers threaten their victims by selling private information. That is why most victims often pay the ransom being asked for. Last year it was reported that ransomware has caused more expensive damages than the average beaches.

So in 2021, it is expected that these kinds of malicious software will improve. It will possess more threat and harm.

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  1. Improved Multi-Level Authentication

When it comes to cybersecurity, two-level or multi-level authentication has always been one of the basic measures taken. Over the years, it has been proven to be an effective layer of protection. So, you will see more of the multi-level authentication this year.

This kind of protection forces individuals to have many devices. These devices will help them confirm their identity and access the data needed. When it comes to this kind of security, inputting an SMS one-time passcode from a different device is the most common strategy.

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Attackers can access these messages. So, SMS-based authentications will be dropped soon. This year companies are advised to use more secure authentication tools. This includes Google and Microsoft authenticators.

  1. Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Source: Pixabay

Artificial intelligence was first introduced a couple of years back. At the current time, it continues to grow and improve for different purposes. Different corporations continue to hone the potential of artificial intelligence.

When it comes to using artificial intelligence in cybersecurity, the demand for automated security has increased. AI replaces humans making it possible to analyze and deal with a massive amount of data. This kind of security is beneficial to large corporations.

Artificial intelligence can scan and check tons of data in a short period. This allows companies to detect breaches and attacks as early as possible. It is also more efficient and faster than human manual effort. In 2021, it is expected that automated security will take over different industries.

  1. Threats on Cloud Services

The existence of Covid-19 has forced the majority of the workforce to stay at home. This means that all company data is accessed through the cloud. This situation allowed cloud-based service providers to offer different infrastructures and software. As the pandemic continues, the demand for this type of service is still increasing.

Along with the increased number of users of cloud services, the data and information being stored here also increase. So, company data became more vulnerable to online attacks.

So, this year, it is expected that security measures will be more focused on cloud-based services. More infrastructure and software will be launched to help secure cloud-stored data.

  1. Focus on Data Privacy

The growing importance of data privacy is one of the security trends that we can observe today. In 2021, data privacy will no longer be under the general security programs. It will be considered as a different discipline on its own. Stricter rules and policies about data privacy will be implemented.

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As there is a growing number of attacks exposing sensitive records, companies are forced to revamp security strategies. More security professionals are expected to be in charge. Stricter use of tools like a residential proxy is also expected to be implemented. Also, company security assessments will also play a great role in securing data.

  1. Need for More Cyber Security Professionals

The need for these kinds of professionals has always been there. But, as security threats rise, the urgent need for knowledgeable and competent security professionals is more in demand now than ever.

Organizations in companies or in need to find professionals who are well trained on cybersecurity measures. Aside from that, it is also advised to train other employees on the basics of cybersecurity. This will help them discover cybersecurity attacks during the early stages.

In 2021, companies should give company-wide training and seminars to equip the employees. These kinds of training are beneficial for the company especially with the rise of different cybersecurity threats today.


Cybersecurity threats and their solutions have been present for a long time. But, the world is fast-changing. So, the threats along with their solutions are also changing. The only way that we could keep a secure network is to keep up with the changes.

These trends are all rooted in the old disciplines that we know about cybersecurity. Concepts such as ransomware and a residential proxy are things that we already know of. But, to be able to continue to keep a secured network, being updated and applying these changes are advised.

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