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How to Choose a Practical Garbage can for the Kitchen?



trash buckets kitchen

The kitchen is an important stage because you want to do everything in the best way. It is not only the large-scale stages of renovation that are important here but also the small things that will affect daily comfort. That’s why people wonder about standard trash can sizes and try to find answers on the Internet. Today, let’s talk in more detail about choosing a trash can for the kitchen and what features they have.


What are the volumes of trash buckets?

volumes of trash buckets

Before you choose the most appropriate option, you need to understand the dimensions. Usually, these volumes are distinguished:

  • The smallest ones start at 1 liter in size.

They are suitable for small waste. These can be wipes, toothpicks, etc. Such small trash cans are often seen in cafes because it is convenient and keeps things clean.

  • Baskets, up to 10 liters.
  • The most commonly used kitchen buckets start at 10 liters and go up to 50 liters.

Mostly it is a model with a lid or pedal, which contributes to the rapid opening of the trash can.

Here it all depends on your requirements. Manufacturers offer garbage cans for the kitchen for all tastes, so the choice is large. Before buying, pay attention to the capacity in order to ensure your comfort in daily order.

How do you select the volume of a trash can?

The volume of the bucket determines many factors regarding daily use. The smaller the bucket in the kitchen, the more often you will have to take it out. On the other hand, if you choose a bin that is too large and keep it at home for a longer period of time, there is a chance that the waste will spoil. According to statistics, a 5-10 liter garbage can is enough for one person, so base it on the number of people and your daily activities in the kitchen.

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Do not forget that if you choose a swing-out or pull-out trash can, you should take into account the parameters of the furniture. This is the width and height of the kitchen furniture in which the garbage can will be mounted. In some cases, the furniture in which the garbage can is mounted is very narrow, so it is suitable for boxes from 300 mm. Standard models are designed for 600-900 mm.


If you think ahead and choose such little things, at first glance, as a kitchen trash can, you can make your life easier in the future. There are no general rules on the choice here because everyone has his own needs and the number of people in the family. In addition to size and volume, do not forget about the types of garbage cans, of which there are also quite a few.

Trash cans can be not only different volumes but also calculated for different levels of load. If you choose a retractable or recessed bucket, find out in advance the weight allowed for its attachment. Practicality will also affect the shape, lid, material, and design. In this regard, the manufacturers will advise you, because each model is characterized by its own features and parameters, which are important to consider in each individual case.

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