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5 Impactful Changes That Will Transform Your Outdated Kitchen



Transform Your Outdated Kitchen

Even the most functional spaces need a slight improvement sometimes. Whether it is the time that inevitably leaves its mark or everyday use that changes the appearance of any home area, you will certainly know when a room needs to be updated.

When it comes to kitchens, it is even more paramount to do upgrades from time to time since it is the area with the most foot traffic in the house. Here you spend most of your time, whether cooking, eating, watching TV, doing office stuff or having fun with your loved ones. Therefore, you have to make your kitchen suit your lifestyle and look trendy at the same time. The thing is that it is not always easy to combine these two together since there are so many aspects to consider before remodelling the kitchen space. All the more so because kitchen trends come and go, and you do not know which one to follow. Until you make a decision, another trend is emerging.

However, there are some sure-fire chances that will help your most beloved space work your way. The emphasis is on functionality, simple luxury, and organic style in 2022, but let us discover more in the following:


Repaint your cabinet fronts

You may have heard about this trick, so painting the existing cabinetry is nothing new under the sun. Then? If done right, it can be a game changer in the kitchen space, and this has nothing to do with the emerging trends. Besides, it is a budget-friendly solution that can transform even the most outdated space and make it worth remembering. Vibrant colours like bold blue and hypnotising orange can instantly refresh your kitchen, but so can earthy tones such as green and reddish-brown. Given the multitude of hue options, the choice is yours. And do not be afraid to be bold – whether white is a safe and classical choice, it might transform into a dull shade in time, especially if the rest of the space does not complement it.

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You might also be interested in two-toned kitchen cabinets. You would be surprised how various the colour combinations that can work with your kitchen design and style are. Popular hue palettes include green and blue, black and white, blue and yellow, citron, stainless steel and black, and spring green, white and dark brown. With such charming combinations, you will surely win the match.

Swap up your flooring

Flooring plays a major role in the kitchen, as it is often associated with the idea of functionality and versatility. The thing is that not many people give it the deserved attention, which is a pity. With the right flooring, your kitchen can be the centrepiece of your home. So, pay attention, in the first place, to the kitchen flooring material, and make sure it is timeless and resilient. Forget about that linoleum or rolled vinyl that are not only outdated but also unfunctional, and turn your focus on materials like laminate, hardwood, or stone. Choose wisely depending on the existing kitchen design and the activities that frequently take place in the cook’s room. Hardwood, for example, is a peerless material known for its durability and naturalness, but its maintenance is not always the easiest. So, if you are a wood lover but its care scares you, opt for flooring laminate or ceramic tile that perfectly imitate the look of hardwood and are also easy to maintain.

Invest in proper lighting

Lighting is one fixture that can make or break the kitchen design, so you must pay proper attention when choosing the lighting. Although this feature sometimes tends to be overlooked or afterthought, it is one of the critical elements in the kitchen, contributing to the room’s ambience, safety, and versatility. In other words, you can make your kitchen look larger or more lit if you choose the right type of lighting. The two types of lighting essential in the kitchen space are ambient and task lighting. If the ambient light is enough in the living room, things are different in the cook’s room. You need proper light when preparing meals, and the best solution in this sense is to use the countertops or the island as light sources. Surely, you can add accent and decorative lighting to complete the room’s look, but ambient and task lighting are more urgent.

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Due to the latest technological advancements, you can implement flexible lighting, that is, lighting that can be controlled. You can dim light levels, adjust the light to the task at hand, and change light intensity and colour temperature. Does it sound too futuristic? Hold on! There is lighting that can be controlled by voice or with the help of some specially designed apps.

Opt for rounded accents

2022 is about organic style and functionality, so if you want to keep up with the actual trend and design a timeless kitchen space, consider rounded accents like curves and organic shapes. These inspire not only a nature-inspired aesthetic but also a simple elegance that hardly passes unnoticed. Expert Katherine Cohen from FLOR says that these whimsy, natural elements are going to be seen more often in kitchens. She recommends doorways, arched windows, and ceiling treatments that structurally include curves and scalloped backsplashes. Pairing wavy and curved pieces is also a powerful trick that will make your home stand out. You do not need much for that – a round table and a circular rug would be enough to create the desired effect.

Include artful details

Is that even possible to go wrong with art? No? That is what we think, too. Consider bringing those walls to life with some suggestive artworks or paintings. You can even create a gallery wall if the space allows – everything that would make your family or guests feel like they are in a museum. You can also play with objects like décor items, flower vases, and sculptures to create patterns and shapes. Open shelves are great supporters in this regard, so if you have got some empty shelves, make art from them!

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