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Passionate About Woodworking? Choose the Ideal Woodworking Career Path For You



Ideal Woodworking Career Path

Woodworking is one fine skill. Be it as a hobby or as a profession, this is a valued skill-set all around. The demand for experts in this field is on the rise, and for good reasons too. People tend to hire woodworkers for all sorts of furnishing intricacies these days.

Unfortunately, the prerequisites for being an in-demand woodworker do not include a list of professional degrees. While it is true these degrees would bring increased validity to the work, the nature of the work itself suggests it is the overall expertise of the woodworker that is of primary importance to the customer.


Woodworking Career Paths

For the people opting for a career in the field of woodworking, the possibilities are challenging. It is by no means an easy path, but the final results are generally beautiful. Basic understanding and working knowledge of woodworking are essential before branching out to specialized sections of this vast field. Upon the completion of the initial phases, pursuers can choose any of the paths discussed below.

The perfect reference of a successful personality in this field is Tom Bradly. After dropping out of university in 2006, he took up a career in woodwork and has been maintaining lofty standards in his work ever since. He is an expert in the field and is open to help any aspirants willing to pursue this career.

Furniture Experts

Probably the most sought-after professionals in this field, furniture makers have a massive market to pursue. This century has introduced a revolution in the construction industry, which helped in the rise of the furniture market to sky-high limits. Every new house being opened for the home buyer is a potential place of business for furniture experts. Both new and existing homeowners allocate a significant amount of their budget to home renovations and improvements, as the quality of living is high on the agenda for people nowadays.

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Responsibilities of these professionals extend from building a small wooden door to signing a contract for the complete furnishing of an apartment. Tasks may include building customized furniture, renovating worn-out furniture, laying roofing and floorboards, building doors and windows, installing skirting boards, etc. These require specific measurements to be taken and special instruments to be used for the construction. Some of the most important equipment used are hammers, saws, drill presses, and even gloves and goggles for safety.

Machine Operators

Routers, lathes, sanders, and planers are some of the machines that are commonly used in this field. Specialized machine operators are responsible for using these machines for the construction of the required products. Generally, workers need some level of professional education for operating those machines, as the work done is very delicate and requires full-fledged knowledge of the equipment.

Nowadays, various workshops tend to install these machines solely for the high efficiency they provide. This amplifies the revenue generated and is one of the very first investments a woodworking entrepreneur makes. A woodworking machine operator only needs particular measurements of the dimensions and certain specifications before using the machine to carve out the desired products.


Furniture experts are somewhat similar to carpenters, apparently, most of the time both utilize their crafting expertise with bare hands. Carpenters are the day-to-day woodworking professionals who come to our aid for some of our most basic needs. Fixing a broken step, re-adjusting a desk drawer, meandering a wooden fence in the garden – carpenters know how to fix them all. Most construction sites are not complete without dedicated carpenters attending to the many crafting needs of the development structure.

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Carpentry is also a great choice for pursuers opting for a quick transition into the field of woodworking. The skills required are not dependent on college degrees but need self-practice and experience. Personal projects like building a small dollhouse, a cabinet for keeping shoes, or simply a wooden door handle can be interesting projects to start with. Decorating modern homes with sophisticated, color-themed shelves, innovatively carved-out boxes for sitting, and wooden utensils for a touch of class are all possible, thanks to the expertise that carpenters tend to possess.

Project Managers

Individuals dreaming of a long career in the woodworking sector have every reason to be hopeful, as professional degrees do exist, ensuring an illustrious career in this field if efficiently pursued. A Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) course certification can be the starting point of the study process. Various college degrees are available as well. Educational certification is required for attaining a management position in this field.

An alternative pathway can be hard work and years of experience. Woodworking degrees are, no doubt, of great advantage for a career in project management. However, pure skills gained through years of work in this field are also sufficient to prove the management qualifications of an individual. These experts are in charge of the entire construction process and directly instruct their fellow woodworkers. They accumulate all information gathered from the engineers and architects and ensure that the team performs accordingly.


Coming back to the example of Tom Brady; he has achieved this level of expertise through hard work and quick decision making. It is suggested not to waste time while pursuing woodworking as a career, as the more time you spend in the field, the more validity your work will receive, and will eventually start fetching higher payments.

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Woodworking is a form of art, and although modern times have seen the introduction of newer technologies to reduce the involvement of human interaction in this field, the end is yet to come. Some aspects of this beautiful craft are still impossible to achieve without the skillful touches of a woodworking expert. For aspirants willing to take a taste of this fine skill, we suggest time is of the essence.

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