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Which Home Renovation Projects Could Add the Most Value to Your House?



Home Renovation Projects

When you are doing home improvements, there are a few factors that you have to think about in order to get the most out of it. It doesn’t matter if you are renovating your house just to increase the value of your home for your peace of mind or you are trying to sell the home, you have to be smart about what you are doing.

When you are renovating your home, you could always do renovations that are going to increase your home’s value more than the amount you’ve spent on the renovation itself. Here are some of the best home renovations you can do if you are looking to boost the value of your home.

Replace Your Garage Doors

Even though replacing your garage door is not the most exciting and fun renovation to do, it will significantly boost the value of your home. That is because you are not only improving the functionality of your garage, you are boosting the security levels as well as the looks of your exterior. Keep in mind that you should never choose cheap doors because installing a good heavy-duty door will be a sensible investment through which you can boost your home’s value. The best ones are those built with materials such as aluminum, steel as well as wood composites as well as those that have energy-saving properties and good insulation.

Spice Up the Exterior

Spice Up the Exterior

Also, something that you should always put first on your lists of projects is spicing up your exterior. Just like the garage doors, it will not only make your house look amazing, it will boost its value. One of the best ways to get a return on your investment is by choosing something such as stone veneers. It is one of the best ways to boost your curb appeal but you will also add some insulation to your home. Stone veneers are one of the best returns on investments you can get as they will go up to 97 percent.

Add a Wooden Deck

Continuing with the exterior renovations, the best home improvement no matter if you are selling your house or just boosting its value, is a wooden deck. There is no better material for your backyard patio or deck than wood of your choice. Even if you end up choosing wood that is a bit cheaper, you will still be able to drastically boost your home’s value. Depending on your yard size, you can go with a standard 6-foot x 20-foot wood deck or go bigger if you have a larger yard. It will tie in your whole design and make the house look much homier. If you want to go all out you can boost your value even more by adding a railing system.

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Redo Your Kitchen

Redo Your Kitchen

One of the most popular and common ways of boosting your home’s value is by renovating your kitchen. That is because it is one of the most valuable home improvements you can do, as buyers will always base their asking price on the state of your kitchen. Most people don’t want to invest in renovating a kitchen after they have bought the house as it is a ton of money. There are so many different things that you can renovate in the kitchen that will make your home value much higher. Anything from putting in energy-efficient appliances to installing new countertops. But if you want to go all out you can completely renovate your kitchen and give it a new layout. If that is not something that you are willing to go through you can do minor kitchen removals and they will still be able to boost your value.

Replace Your Windows

Having old and damaged windows will not only make your house exterior look horrible but it is also not good because they are leaking and drafting. Installing new windows will raise your home’s value up to 80 percent. That is why you should always choose low-energy vinyl windows to get the most out of the investment return, just make sure that the windows that you have picked aren’t clashing with the exterior as that will draw people away from purchasing your home.  Always make sure that you are choosing windows that are good quality because you can do more harm than good if going with a cheap option.

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Give Your Bathroom a Remodel

Doing even the slightest remodel on your bathroom which involves reducing the tiles, fixtures and counters can get you a return of up to 70 percent. It is in the same region as the kitchen remodel and sometimes even more. If you are looking to properly renovate your bathroom and go all out, you should aim for creating a bathroom that is universally accessible. That means that you will widen the doorways so a wheelchair can go through it, low light switches, bars near the toilets and in the shower as well as walk-in showers. Even though it might not be relevant at the point when your buyers are looking at it, it will be very soon as we are all aging. Making small modifications that will make things more accessible for everybody will only add to the value of your home. If you want to make the best out of your remodel, you should look into hiring a commercial construction company, as they will have experience in doing remodels that will boost the value as well as be universal.

Add More Outdoor Structures

Outdoor Structures

We have already mentioned that if you are looking to boost your home’s value you should add a deck, but that is not the only outdoor structure you can add to make your yard look amazing and change the resale value of your home. You can add new fences from fence companies in Land O Lakes, around the house. A fence will keep your family and pets safe as well as add more curb appeal. If you are looking for something more fun, you can add things such as fire pits or even timing tools. A nice cozy fire pit will increase the ability to use your yard even when it is colder outside. Even though a pool built by a Dayton pool builder, won’t be such a drastic value booster, it will help your house get sold as most people want to have a pool in their yard.

Re-Do or Do Your Attic Insulation

There are a lot of houses that don’t have any attic insulation and that makes them not energy-efficient. If you don’t have an insulated attic, you will be paying a lot for your energy bills as all the heat will get out and all the cold will constantly be coming in. Another thing that is possible is that you will be dealing with leaks and pests. It is highly unlikely that you will get a buyer that will make a deal for a home that doesn’t have any attic insulation. It is always going to be a red flag. Insulating your attic isn’t the priciest thing ever, but it will boost your home’s value as well as your interest in it. The cost of the renovation will depend on what insulation material you decide to go with.

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Replace Your Roof

People don’t often know how to tell when it is time to replace their roofs and that ends up doing a lot of damage. If you go up to your roof and you can see that there are singles that are breaking off, missing or just curled it is time to do it. Today a lot of buyers are not only looking for a new roof, but they are also looking for solar panels if possible. One of the most popular roofing options is metal roofs, as they are cost-effective. But they are also good for boosting your home’s value. They also have the longest lifespan of all the options.

Finish Your Basement

We all know that finishing your basement is not a simple task, but if you are looking to boost your home’s value you need to do it. Even though a finished basement is a serious investment, it is something that will provide the biggest value boost out of all the things we have listed. That is also because it will make your home properly insulated and protected against pests and moisture. You can expect to see around 75 percent investment return from doing your basement and ensuring that it is all as it should be. It will also bring more interested buyers as the basement is completely done and they don’t have to invest in something that they already paid for.

For those who are looking to make even more home improvements to boost their value, it is important that they do proper research and find out what the market wants. Rather than just assuming what will boost your value and what people are looking for, it is always best that you do your research. It won’t be that difficult to look for trendy designs and state-of-the-art technology. If you are currently looking to sell your home, you can also consider selling to a real estates investor like Your Trusted Home Buyer, this way you won’t have to deal with renovations or repairs.

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