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Cloud Computing Salary Trends In Different Countries



Cloud Computing Salary

It is believed that salary trends provide valuable information on the economy and employment opportunities in regions and industries. The good thing is that economic research studies provide insight into a wide range of topics: new technologies, long-term growth, and employment – which are good for both new talent and career seekers. However, these studies may have certain drawbacks. The results are rarely consistent with reports. Information technology can help you with many tasks.


Cloud Computing Salaries – Global Trend

In all regions, there is a clear difference between the salaries of IT and cloud decision-makers and those employees they manage. In the Asia-Pacific region, IT decision-makers have much larger gaps and earn 60.6% more than their employees. South America is in line with Canada, where the gap between IT staff and IT decision-making is 41-42%.

To get an overview of support, we compared respondents’ salaries in 13 areas. The average cloud professional salary in IT is the highest in North America at $ 107,467 and the lowest in East Africa at $ 15,243. The highest-paid area for cloud professionals is Oceania – $ 86,659. The average price for West African cloud professionals was $ 13,257. The region has the highest average of IT solutions with $ 92,556, which is eight percent more than the North American average of $ 85,310.

The average salary for cloud professionals in the continental United States ranges from a high of $ 100,692 in New England to a low of $ 79,406 in the South Central District. The two main factors contributing to the regional wage gap are the total cost of living and demand for computer skills. Wages are higher in areas where the demand for IT skills is higher, especially in the Central Atlantic and New England.

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It’s worth living in the United States, which has the highest average salary in information technology, with $ 113,639, which is 25.7% more than the international average salary, according to a Global Information study. There is less difference between the average salary of American cloud professionals and the salaries of their employees compared to other areas. You can find more here at for more information about minimum wage in the US states

However, US cloud professionals earn an average of $ 141,354 a year, or 35.7% more than other IT employees. That compares to $ 82,084 (38% more) in the Asia-Pacific region, $ 138,972 (40% more) for North America as a whole, and $ 52,480 (44% more) in South America.

All the same, respondents in the survey said they earned an average of $ 5,000 more this year than last year, and 42.5 percent believe the growth is higher in current roles. Though, 39 percent of IT professionals said their rise is a normal rise for companies. Nine percent of cloud professionals associate their growth with the development of new value-added skills, claiming that they earn nearly $ 12,550 more on average. The largest share was among Asia-Pacific workers – more than 60 percent of workers received it.

Cloud Salaries – The Highest

Together with IT professionals, cloud professionals had the highest salaries, earning an average of $ 115,859 per year worldwide, which is 25.9% more than the IT average. According to the study, the most popular roles in cloud computing were the architect and cloud engineer. The second-highest-paid IT jobs were IT architecture and design, averaging $ 98,880, followed by project management for $ 98,364 and network security for $ 97,452. The average salary in the world was $ 55,659 and in North America $ 63,355.

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Cloud Certificates Are the Most Cost-Effective

All the same, cloud computing certification, especially offered by Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, provides the highest salary in each region according to the survey, followed by enterprise architecture. AWS and Google Cloud represent four of the top ten paid certificates in North America, with four Citrix Systems certifications among the top 20.

However, Global Knowledge notified that cross-certification played a major role in determining salaries and that almost 70.5% of respondents have more than one certificate, such as ISACA certified ($ 132,859), Scrum-Master certified ($ 132,893), AWS Certified Solutions Architect ($ 130,953) and AWS certified network server Sys-Ops ($ 130,710). The AWS-certified professional solutions architect is at the top of the world rankings, but respondents earn an average of $ 120,134 a year. However, the GCP certification in the cloud has dropped, and current employees earn an average of $ 118,786 a year.

Cloud Industry Development

Between 2010 and 2020, employment in this sector grew rapidly as many companies began investing in computer systems. In 2010, employment improved and was higher than in past. Manufacturing output also grew fairly rapidly, growing at an average rate of 4.6 percent per year between 2010 and 2020. The sharp rise in production and employment came with the adoption, complex computer systems, and business networks throughout the economy. Companies in this area typically create computer programs and computer systems that are specifically designed to meet customer needs. The IT sector has recently invested significant resources in technologies that are expected to contribute to further growth in production and employment.

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Reasons for Expected Evolution

Cloud computing is a way in which computer products can be replaced by network services, such as storage or software. With cloud computing, companies can hire the services of vendors according to their needs, which help them avoid large investments in information technology. Cloud designers for software and computer systems professionals are based on the business of computer systems design and related services. On the other hand, cloud computing can do some of the work that some IT departments and local staff have done in the past.

The latest data show a seventeen-fold increase in cyber-attacks on the US infrastructure. Security companies have also produced reports showing a sharp rise in cyber-attacks by private companies. Cloud computing and network security are just two areas likely to contribute to the growth of computer systems design and related service sectors; Information technology in healthcare, mobile networks, and data management can also help create cloud computing jobs in the next decade.

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