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GogoPDF: The Document Sharing Tool You Need in 2021



Document Sharing Tool

In this time that the country is facing a pandemic, all businesses are following safety protocols. It is to ensure that the employees of the company are free from the virus. If you are part of the workforce, you are now probably working in your office at home. Electronic files are now your companion. Since social distancing is in place, you can’t hand over a printed document to your colleagues. The alternative option is to send it via email. However, in some instances sharing the file will become unsuccessful. It often happens when the file size is beyond the maximum capacity of email.  

Don’t beat yourself up because there is another way of sharing the document in an instant. You can use the file-sharing tool of GogoPDF to send a file as big as 5 gigabytes in just a few clicks. Continue reading to know how this tool works!

How to share a document using GogoPDF?

GogoPDF is an online tool containing numerous tools designed to solve PDF-related problems. If you are having trouble attaching your file in an email, might as well use this website. It offers a document sharing tool that provides a quick, easy, and secure process of sending documents. Below are the steps you must follow to send large files using the website.

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Step 1. Upload the document 

You can upload the document even if it is in your local storage, google drive, or dropbox. Just click the select a file button and it will redirect you to a list of documents. Choose the file you want to share. It may be in the form of JPG, HTML, Word, Excel, PDF, or PPT.  An alternative way of uploading documents is the drag and drop option. It is more convenient because you no longer have to waste time browsing from a long list of files.

Step 2.  Share the document

Usually, uploading the document will take just a few minutes. But the time frame still depends on the speed of your internet connection and the size of your file. Once the document is on the server of the website, the document sharing tool will scan it. After this, the shareable link will appear. Click the share file button. Input your email and the email address of the person you want to send the file to. You can also write him a personalized message along with the link to the document. If everything is ready, click the send link button. 

Step 3. Download the file on your computer

The last step will allow you to download and save the file on your computer or all your social media accounts. If you want to share other than email, just copy the link provided. Paste it on the platform of your choice and send it to the recipient.

What are the perks of using GogoPDF?

With the numerous platforms capable of sending documents, what makes GogoPDF special? Is it worth trying? Let’s find out by knowing the perks of using the website. 

  • Ensures the safety of all uploaded documents

Everyone wants an assurance that the platform he is using is safe from hackers, viruses, and malware. With the increasing number of stolen identities, a privacy policy is now necessary. For sure, you don’t want other people to access and leak the information you placed on the document. So to remove all the worries you have in terms of security, the website decided to implement a  security procedure. It forces the server to automatically delete all uploaded files in an hour. In this way, you are certain that no one can steal the document from the website. 

  • Share files conveniently

You probably have a hectic and busy schedule, especially now that you are in a work-from-home setup.  Since you still have a lot of things to do, you might want to use the document sharing tool of GogoPDF. It can share files without any limitation. you can’t send a large file through email, just head over to this tool.

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Don’t worry if you are not yet familiar with how the tool works. You can easily get the hang of it when you use it regularly. There is an instruction listed just below the too. It will serve as your guide during the whole process of sharing a document. 

  • No need to download any application or software

The website can function just by itself because it completely operates using a cloud system. You will not need to install any application or software just to access its document sharing tool. It does not require a lot of things, just equip yourself with a device connected to a stable internet connection. Since it will not occupy any of your local storage, it will not adversely affect the performance of your phone. 

In Conclusion

GogoPDF has an impressively quick way of sharing documents with your colleagues. You will no longer end up breaking down every time your files exceed the email’s maximum allowable size. Take advantage of this document-sharing tool for a better working experience!

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