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How to Combine Studying In College and Parenting?



Combine Studying In College

Parenting and college studies have always been challenging as the issue never received due recognition until the last decades when online education has taken place. According to National Center For Education Statistics, nearly 22% of all undergraduate students in the United States are parents, which makes it an important issue to explore. Some students will turn to special scholarships while others will rely on trying to make the ends meet by turning to certain jobs that can be done from home. Luckily, there are simple tips you should follow that will help you achieve that fragile balance between your studies and parenting duties.


How to Combine Studying In College and Parenting

  • Separate Parenting & Studies.

You have to separate these tasks by setting the borderline between your time allocated for studies and your parenting duties. The trick here is to teach yourself to shut all the devices off related to your studies so you do not have to reply to all the messages and seek those five minutes to learn while the child is busy. Have your time for taking a walk and for feeding by setting special alerts. Consider discussing your situation with the college staff for a minor adjustment in your academic schedule if necessary.

  • Keep Things Organized.

It’s one of the most challenging aspects when you are a parent who has to study and meet every strict deadline. Even though it often seems impossible to manage both, always put your child’s safety first. As a way to get more free time and avoid proofreading in a noisy environment, consider checking Top Essay Writing as a way to overcome stress and finish all of your tasks faster. Make sure that you use your free time to bring in some fun games with your child that will help you to relax and switch your mind to other things.

  • Create a Safe Play Area.

Think about the creation of a safe playground zone in your room that would be separate from your space meant for studies. It can be a special kid-friendly barrier fence that can be encountered in large shopping areas for kids. Get creative, shop around, and it will always keep your child safe while you do your writing tasks.

  • Know Your Limitations.

Most importantly, remember that you cannot handle it all because thinking so will only exhaust you. You deserve help and support as you manage cooking, washing, and many other things. As you keep in touch with parents, discuss your situation with them and find those solutions that would be acceptable for both of you. Even if you have two hours of peace to read through the books or just to have some sleep, it will be worth more than any financial support!

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Scholarships For College Parents

As one of the possible options, you may consider applying for various scholarships as a college student with a child. Since these are not always based on your academic merits, you should be able to discuss your situation and explain why you need additional support. Think about starting with Federal Student Aid programs first and see what kind of support may be possible for you. It may take time, yet a bit of researching will help you receive immediate support as you make it through your college studies.

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