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What Should I Major in Before Law College?



Major in Before Law College

Law is one of the most promising careers out there, and many students out there are attending law school with the hope that they will be able to follow a career in law. Law school enrollments took a few hits in recent years, but they are recovering fairly quickly in the US.

Most students who attend a law college will not pick law as their first major. Instead, they will study another major before so that the knowledge from that major can be a great help for them. If you are still wondering which majors you should pursue before law college, this article will provide some great ideas for you!


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Political science

It should not be a surprise to anyone that political science is the most popular pre-law major. Law is heavily intertwined with politics, so the knowledge you have learned in your political science course is extremely helpful when you study for your law course. Political science is the study of governmental systems as well as how legal systems differ around the world, so you will have plenty of prior knowledge when you attend your legal courses.


A lawyer will have to communicate effectively with his or her client in order to present effective arguments at the court. A major in communications will help you to communicate more effectively with your clients. Studying communications courses will also improve your essay writing skills, so you can actually become a writer at Grab My Essay for some extra cash and help other students to succeed with their assignments.

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Psychology is another popular pre-law major among students. Psychology is the study of the human mind, so when you take a psychology course, you will have a better understanding of the concepts such as discrimination or stereotyping. All of these concepts will certainly be extra useful to you when you work as a lawyer in the future.

Computer science

Even a field as academic as law can still use the latest technological advances. Computer science is the study of computers as well as software. If you major in computer science before your law degree, you might be able to create cutting-edge tech tools for lawyers. If you can use these tools for your sessions, you will find it much easier to handle lawyer tasks.

Criminal justice

Criminal justice is the perfect field to choose when it comes to pre-law majors. Criminal justice is a field that deals in concepts such as justice as well as crime, which are inherently linked to the field of law. Understanding these concepts is a precursor for your being a good lawyer or a law practitioner, so criminal justice is a very popular pre-law major.

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Economics as a pre-law major is especially popular with students of corporate law and civil law. When you study economics, you will learn about how economic systems and corporations work, as well as the hierarchy of a company. The knowledge from economics will allow you to understand why certain corporate law systems function that way, helping to boost your career as a lawyer immensely.

Whichever pre-law major you choose, you will be able to take in a lot of new knowledge that will be extremely helpful in your legal career. Law is a vast field with many sub-divisions, and it could take a long time to explore all the nuances of this field. For that reason, getting a pre-law degree will help you to understand many concepts within the field much more easily, and you can also gain an edge over your peers once you have graduated. With a pre-law degree, it will be much easier to find long-term employment.

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