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Know Your Car 101: Watch Out for these Common Issues



Common Issues in car

Cars can be one of life’s most expensive purchases, and for many Australians, they’re an absolute necessity. We rely on cars to get from point A to B, to get to work, to go to appointments, to get the kids to playdates, etc. So when our cars aren’t working, it’s an enormous nuisance! There’s a fair few ways that cars can act up, some more common than others; with that in mind, here are some of the more common issues that can come up with cars, and what you can do to resolve these issues.


Issues with your car’s bodywork can be one of the most common issues when it comes to repairs. Maybe you’ve lightly dented your car in a carpark, or you’ve scratched it on a letterbox or a bush driving into a driveway… or maybe it’s more severe bodywork damage, like in a crash. If these things don’t get repaired quickly, they can often lead to longer term and more costly issues, so it’s always a good idea to nip things in the bud and gets those dents and scratches dealt with before rust sets in and you’re dealing with bigger problems.

Breaking down at home

So it’s early morning, you’ve had your coffee, you’ve headed out to the car… and lo and behold, it won’t start. Where to from here? Well, many people have roadside assistance memberships that will help with home starts, but it’s also good to have the number of a mobile mechanic like Dr Roadworthy at hand so you can get going quick if your car does break down at home, resolve the issue quickly and carry on with your day.

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Servicing costs

Eek! You know you’re supposed to service and maintain your car regularly, but somehow, it’s easy for the costs to come as a bit of a shock. Always try to have some money put aside for your scheduled servicing and maintenance, because keeping up with this can save you a whole lot more money in the long run by highlighting potential issues with your vehicle so that your car stays legal and roadworthy for as long as possible. It’s best to think of servicing as a non-negotiable cost – don’t be “penny-wise and pound-foolish”, as the expression goes!

Fortunately, many vehicles do come with warranties; so if yours does, you can take advantage of this to save some cash, by scheduling regular checks to preempt any bigger faults that might be coming your way. After all, getting issues with your car fixed under warranty means you’ll not have to pay as much, and can reliably keep your vehicle roadworthy and maintained (which, of course, could add value when your try to sell it in the future!)


Insurance can be a very costly aspect of owning a car! However, you can minimise these costs to some extent by maintaining your no-claims discount, and even taking on tracking systems so your driving style can be monitored. Remember, when it comes to insurance providers, honesty is key, so be upfront with relevant details like any driving restrictions you may have; otherwise, if you need to claim and the insurance provider finds out you’ve provided some false info, you may not be covered.

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We hope that these suggestions help you to keep on top of these common issues that arise for car owners, so you can carry on enjoying the wonderful benefits of your car!

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