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6 Tips to Jump-Start Any Vehicle



Jump-Start Any Vehicle

The vehicle can stop anytime without giving you a heads-up. There can be multiple reasons for the car stop but a dead or poor battery is at the top of the list. People just keep rowing their vehicles without realizing that the efficiency of the battery drops every time you use the vehicle. If the effective age of the battery is passed months ago, then a sudden stop can be expected. However, such situations can be avoided by taking measures in advance. Imagine that you are on your way for the summer vacation and your car stops mid-way, then you may need to search for a jump start in Norcross GA. You can follow the steps below to start your car.

1.     Look at the battery specs

Before you can jump-start the car it is important to look at the battery of the stopped car and then select a power source that can jump-start it. Since every vehicle is different you are going to need a battery powerful enough to start the vehicle. The quickest way to find a power source is to ask another car owner to help you out, but in some cases, additional batteries or the power sources are kept as spare in the cars. Rather than searching “jump start near me in Norcross GA”, you just need to make sure that the spare battery is charged.

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2.     Park your vehicle properly

When the source to jump-start the car is another vehicle, then it is important to properly position the vehicle so the cables can be attached properly. If the cable is long enough to reach your vehicle from distance, then you don’t have to worry about anything. Otherwise, you need to bring your vehicle close enough so the cables can reach your vehicle once it is attached to the other car. To ensure a good connection make sure the other vehicle is parked extremely close to your vehicle. Don’t forget to switch off the engines before connecting them.

3.     Gather your tools

The toolkit to start your stopped vehicle is quite simple and you are just going to need a cable with the clamps. The cable is usually consisting of a double cable to connect both positive and negative terminals of the battery. If a cable doesn’t have clamps, then you might need to remove the terminals of the powered vehicle to get a good connection. Since most people are not prepared for such a scenario you can seek out an expert close by to help you out. They have all the required tools to successfully start your vehicle.

4.     Open the hood and locate the terminals

Now that your toolkit is ready it’s time to open up the hood for connection. Locating the battery terminals is quite simple with old vehicles but modern vehicles can have covers on the batteries to avoid rust. In that case, you might need to open up a couple of screws to uncover the battery. Power down your vehicle before opening up the cover and once you can see the terminals it is time to connect the cable. If you find difficulty opening the battery cover, you can always hire an expert to do it faster.

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5.     Connect the cables and jump-start

When you are ready with everything make the connection with cables. For safe connection make sure you connect the cable to the positive terminal of the connection and then connect the cable to the negative terminal. Be sure the remaining clamp is connected to your dead vehicle for a safer connection and once you are ready with it, it’s time to make the jump. Be sure both vehicles are powered down initially and then start the powered vehicle and keep it running for a couple of minutes. Afterward, try to start your stopped vehicle. If it starts up on the first try it’s good, otherwise, I’ll definitely start up on the second or the third try. Once your vehicle starts gently press the throttle so the generator can start working and get ready for the drive.

6.     Disconnecting and wrap up

When you are good to go, don’t just rush the disconnection because it’s risky to disconnect the batteries. Make sure you disconnect first the negative terminal and then the positive terminal of the battery. This way your vehicle will stay powered up. Once disconnected maintain the throttle and see if there’s an anomaly or you feel that vehicle is losing power again. Now gently put the car in gear and see its response. If the vehicle moves normally, then you are all set for the trip.

Jump starting the vehicle is quite simple, you just need to have adequate information about connecting the vehicles. If you are not equipped to deal with the situation a professional can be hired to take over the situation. The advantage of hiring a professional is the equipment, they always come prepared to deal with any trouble. If the cause of stopping isn’t the battery the professionals can help you diagnose the core issue. So, make sure you hire an experienced professional that can help you start the vehicle, so you can be on your way as soon as possible.

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