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3 Important Considerations to select Kitchen Benchtops



Kitchen Benchtops

Those old and worn kitchen benchtops, so often the victim of many a DIY gone wrong. Kitchen benchtops, people, not just for chopping onions and garlic. I have been on a mission to improve our kitchen for years now and digging up some new ideas for kitchen benchtops. We have some worn and dinged old laminate kitchen benchtops that just aren’t as interesting as the new stuff I have been lusting over for years on sites. The change-up started with a new fridge, some new cupboards and a massive island benchtop, but something still needed to be done about those old benchtops.

For example, if you like the benchtop color and want to go with that, you could paint the walls a complementary color, such as a shade of yellow, to create a unified look. That way, if part of your kitchen gets damaged and needs to be repainted (for example, the grouting), the whole space will look like it has been painted together. This can make it easier and more cost-effective for you if you ever need to repaint again in the future.


  1. Area space

Size matters. That is the central idea behind size assessment – gathering measures before selecting the actual kitchen benchtop. The area or placement of the kitchen is most important. The kitchen benchtop can be custom-made according to your need and lifestyle, so there is no such thing as a bad design. If you want to be sure, you can even measure the types of kitchen benchtop you want with your kitchen to get the idea of size matching and how it can fit into your space.

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As far as selecting the correct size of the benchtop, you should simply consider how many people will be using the bench at the same time. The best way to find this out is by sitting and having a discussion with your family and friends about where and how they plan on using the bench.

  1. Size matters

Several years ago, we bought a kitchen benchtop on the internet. It was more affordable than we could discover in stores and had a very successful installation program. But we didn’t consider one particular factor: how do you fit this into our clearly designed kitchen for smaller benchtops? We needed to get rid of the existing benchtop (which had been there for over 20 years) and also the appliances which weren’t compatible with this new size. This meant we had to supply an enormous change and repair work countertops and remove lots of stuff from cabinets and walls. You can easily picture how expensive and stressful it was.

  1. Material

Should you reject materials that are fingerprint resistant because they will end up being pricey? The reply should be, “it depends.” You can find lots of factors that you might want to consider while purchasing kitchen benchtops, including the way you live your lifestyle, the colour you would like to use, and how much cash you need to allocate because of their installation. There is a range of materials in wood, fabrics, or ceramics to pick from, and you can match your kitchen interior with the material you select. The most popular type of benchtops has been granite and marble due to its look and strength. Other types include laminates, glass, soapstone, solid surface, and engineered stone which are available in numerous colors and textures that can add a personal touch to your kitchen space.

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