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Improve Your Kitchen Energy Efficiency with a Gas Cook Top



Kitchen Energy Efficiency

Who knew that one day, a normal task, such as cooking might become a factor that can raise our monthly house bills and break our bank accounts? Not many might understand this, but saving little in terms of energy can also save us a lot of money in utility bills.

Now the thing is that cooking probably comes last to our mind when we are installing or buying new house appliances. The focus usually is on house furniture, laundry appliances, insulations, etc. Yes, everyone does consider a Cook Top, but most of them are not concerned whether they are electric or gas cooktops.

Let us, help you understand why we are emphasizing gas cooktops when it comes to cooking. First thing first, it saves a lot of energy. According to NASDAQ, appliances that are powered by gas reduces the carbon footprint by 40% compared to electric appliances. Second, the gas cooktops are way cheaper compared to electric ones as well.

In this article, we have highlighted a few factors that will help you understand why gas cooktops are a better choice in terms of saving energy and money.


How Does Energy Efficient Gas Cook Tops benefit you?

If you are someone who loves cooking, he/she would already know the benefits of cooking on a gas cook tops. These appliances are extremely versatile and give you the option of cooking any kind of food.

These Cook-Tops are run on Natural gas or Propane. We understand that in 2021, where everyone is becoming tech-savvy and want all things computerized in their homes, gas cooktops are still the most sought for by a lot of individuals, especially the ones who are aware of its benefits.

Lets us list down a few benefits for you

1. Even-Heat Distribution

A gas Cooktop can provide flames to heat the food at an even level, whether it is run on natural gas or propane. The stove ensures equal distribution of heat to cook your food, which is why you don’t have to worry about your food burning or being cooked unevenly.

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Let us all admit that we hate it when one side of our stake is medium well, while the other side is overcooked. So we all understand the importance of equal heat distribution when cooking.

2. Cooking Temperatures

When cooking with a gas stovetop, you have more control in terms of adjusting the cooking temperature when compared to an electric stovetop.

Don’t get us wrong, yes, electric stoves also offer cooking temperatures flexibility but the level of control that the gas run stovetop provides is just another level.

Thanksgiving Turkey! Don’t we all need to cook our turkeys at just the right temperature to get that perfect result? This is where gas stovetops provide you with efficient energy and perfect results.

3. Speed

Gas cooktops are efficient in terms of speed as well compared to electric ones. All you have to do is turn around the knob and you are all set to cook. On the other hand, electric top needs some time just like ovens to be heated to a certain level before they are ready to be cooked on.

Another element that bothers us about electric stovetops is that when your turn the knob off, it does not immediately turn off. It takes some time, this means that if you have left the food on the stove and turned the stove off your food might get overcooked because the electric appliance cannot immediately cool off and it takes some time.

4. Works Even in Blackouts

Electric stovetops won’t work when the power out, on the other hand, you won’t face this problem when using gas stovetops.

5. House Temperatures

Since gas stovetops don’t take time to start or shut down, your houses don’t tend to overheat as well. This is considered one of the safety benefits of using gas stovetops.

6. Cost-Efficient

Not only are the gas stovetops energy efficient, because of this efficiency it also becomes cost-efficient for you. On the other hand, electric-based stoves are extremely expensive.

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7. Installation Charges

When you get a new appliance, certain installation charges are incurred at that time. Whether you are installing electric stoves or gas stoves. One thing you need to know is that when you are installing gas stoves, you would also need a source of electricity for that.

A gas cooktop needs to have a gas line available. If you do not have one already you would need to call in the gas company to get you a line. This installation can get expensive for you, however, at the end of the day, the company will also give you a gas certificate, that will ensure safe installation and no leakage of gas in your house.

A ventilation hook will also be needed, no matter what kind of stove you are installing. This chimney or ventilation hood will ensure that no harmful gases are lurking around in your house. It is very important that in every house you have this, otherwise, there will be some serious health impact that you might have to encounter.

All in all the cost of installing a gas stove top is expensive compared to an electric stovetop but in the long run, a gas stove is going to save you money and energy

8. Cooktop Technology

Cooktop Technology

Image Credit: Shutter Stock

The gas cooktop technology is being constantly updated and made energy-efficient to help its users save money. The constant innovations have made it possible to increase even more energy efficiency.

The newest technology has updated the burner efficiency to further increase the gas cooktop energy efficiency. What is the development? And how does it help?

Traditionally our gas stovetops produce flower-patterned flames, the technology has made it such that vertical flames are produced that can reach the pot directly so the flames don’t escape in the surrounding air.

9. How to Make the Gas Stove Top More Energy Efficient

There are many other ways with which you can make the most of your gas stovetops. We have listed them down as follows:

  • Keep the flames low
  • Use the Gas only when needed. For example, many of us tend to light the stove way before when we put the pot on it.
  • Keep the lids tight on your pots as it will help capture the heat in the pot, making the cooking faster.
  • Place small pans on small burners instead of big ones. For example, when you cooking an egg, you can do that in a small pan on a small burner. However, if you cook that egg on the big burner, you can end up overcooking your egg, or worse it can burn your egg.
  • Keep an eye on the color of flames. So if your flame is yellow or orange, instead of the blue that means there is a gas leakage somewhere and you would need to call your gas company immediately or the manufacturer of the stovetop to figure out what the problem is.
  • Get a gas safety inspection from registered assessors to check your appliance and house, to ensure everything is running smoothly. Gas Safety Certificate cost is around £60, which is reasonable for an yearly inspection.
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What Gas Stovetops Should You Be Looking For In 2021?

After going through all the benefits of using the gas stoves, we are sure you are all ready to get yourself one today. However, given that the market is full of competition, we understand you might get a bit lost in choosing the best stovetop for yourself.

Take a look at this list of energy-efficient stovetops along with their reviews which can help you with your decision.


Cooking is a basic life skill that everyone needs, but what people forget, is that cooking safely is another element that should be given utmost importance. Today, our generation is all about saving money and while electric stoves will look good in your smart homes, gas stoves are cost and energy-efficient.

Depending on the type of stovetop you, you also need to invest in elements for it like the pots and pans. For example for an electric stovetop, you might want to invest in a different kind of pots that are more reactive to that technology.

And given that traditionally gas stovetops have been prevalent forever, you are more likely to get items for your gas stovetops easily and at a much cheaper price compared to all the tech cooking gadgets.

So now that you know that the gas stovetops are not only energy efficient but can also save you a lot of money, cherry on top, the food cooked on these stoves give you an amazing taste too? So go ahead and make a move, and get yourself a gas Stove Top already!

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