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Copy Trading on the Cryptorobotics Platform: A Comprehensive Guide



Copy Trading

In the era of digital technology and cryptocurrencies, copy trading is becoming increasingly popular among traders. The Cryptorobotics platform offers a unique opportunity for automatic copying of trades from professional traders, thereby simplifying the process of trading in the cryptocurrency market.

What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading on Cryptorobotics is a process where the trades of an experienced trader are automatically copied to your trading account. This allows users without deep knowledge in trading to use the strategies of professionals for making trades.

Advantages of Copy Trading on Cryptorobotics

  • Automatic execution of trades: The system independently conducts all necessary operations.
  • Use of professionals’ experience: Users can benefit from the strategies of experienced traders.
  • Time-saving: No need to conduct your own market analysis.
  • Risk management customization: Minimization of potential risks.
  • Earning passive income: Opportunity to earn without active participation in trading.

How to Start Using Copy Trading on Cryptorobotics

  • Registration on the platform: Go to this page and create an account on Cryptorobotics.
  • Select the “Algotrading” and “Copy Trading” options: Set up your account for copy trading.
  • Subscribe to a trader’s channel: Choose a professional trader and subscribe to their channel.
  • Launch the copy trading feature: Activate the process of copying trades on your account.

Important Rules and Limitations

  • Separate accounts for each channel: To copy trades, use a separate account for each selected copy trading channel.
  • Account monitoring: Users are advised to regularly monitor their account activity and watch for possible errors.
  • Compliance with minimum balance requirements: Each copy trading channel may have its own minimum balance requirements.
  • Matching trading mode: Ensure that the trading mode on your account matches the selected mode in the copy trading channel.
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Tariffs and Packages

Cryptorobotics offers various subscription packages, including free and paid options, which provide access to the platform’s features and tools. Users can choose a suitable package depending on their needs and trading experience level.

Cryptorobotics also offers users a unique payment system called Profit Sharing. This system allows users to pay a percentage of their profitable trades, instead of purchasing a PRO package for a month. Thus, users can use various algorithmic functions such as cryptobots, auto-follow, and copy trading, and pay only for the actual profit earned.


Copy trading on the Cryptorobotics platform opens up new opportunities for traders of all levels, allowing them to use the experience and knowledge of professionals for successful trading in the cryptocurrency market. With its help, the trading process can be significantly simplified, risks reduced, and potential profitability of trades increased.

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