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5 Important Aspects of Kitchen Renovation to Take into Account



Kitchen Renovation

The first room you head for when arriving home is usually the kitchen, which happens to be the busiest room in the house and if you are planning a kitchen revamp, there’s a lot to consider. You may have a firm idea of how you want your kitchen to look, or you are open to suggestions, either way you have to start somewhere, a blank piece of paper can be used to draw up a floor layout.

Here are a few aspects of a kitchen renovation project to consider.

  1. Layout – If certain appliances are not going to be moved, your layout will probably not change much; think functionality and keep the worktop, stove and sink within reaching distance to the fridge. You could be walking a few extra miles every year if your fridge is not where it should be. If you plan to approach a kitchen renovation contractor, they would use tech to create 3D images of the proposed layout, helping the client to see how things look.
  2. Budget – You could just build your plan, list all appliances, including that state-of-the-art Delonghi coffee machine you promised yourself, then total up; a better alternative is to start with a firm figure, a budget that you are prepared to invest in the project. Bear in mind that this project will add significant value to the property, so you should use the best quality materials and pay a little extra for top-rated appliances.
  3. Choosing a contractor – Unless you happen to be a veteran DIY-er, you will engage the services of a local kitchen renovation company. Choosing can be the difference between a fantastic job and a disaster! You could ask the contractor if they can provide you with a few references, previous customers who are happy to tell you how they feel about the service. If you approach 3-4 companies, give them a budget and let each of them make a proposal, which should help you to make the right choice. Ask about a warranty and clarify that the price quoted is ‘all inclusive’
  4. Ventilation – Ideally, you will have a copper canopy and an extractor fan that sucks smoke through a duct. If your kitchen is easily condensated, it might benefit from a couple of extractor fans, one at each end of the room. A good airflow disseminates cooking odours quickly so don’t overlook ventilation and airflow.
  5. Appliances – It is better to pay a little more and get an appliance that stands the test of time; of course, there are many brands and you probably have a favourite or two; the cheapest prices are online and delivery is usually free. Google is the best tool for hunting down bargains, as you probably know.
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If you choose an established kitchen renovator, they will help you create the right design and layout and with a team of tradies, you can expect a 5-star outcome!

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