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DaBaby’s Net Worth, Real Name, Kids And More




DaBaby is an American rapper who started finding mainstream recognition in 2019. He was named one of the Best Male Hip-Hop Artists of 2021 by BET Awards, which honored his most recent contributions to Hip Hop. The Billboard Music Awards’ most played rap song that year was DaBaby’s “Rock Star.

Because of DaBaby’s success, DaBaby has amassed a large amount of wealth. In this post, we’ll look at Dababy’s net worth, what Dababy said to get removed from the market, and other frequently asked questions about DaBaby that you might not have.


Early Life

Jonathan Lyndale Kirk became Dababy at birth. Dababy is the final of 3 children his parents gave birth to on December 22, 1991, in Ohio, USA. Growing up, Dababy had a strong ambition to become one of the greatest musicians of all time. His role models included Kanye West, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, and Eminem.

He’s often spotted listening to songs by the mentioned music industry legends. Dababy was a troubled child because he was constantly involved in fights on the streets and other crimes due to the place his family moved to at the age of 6 years old.

DaBaby's Early Life

Image Source: Dreshare

Personal Life

DaBaby owns three sons. The first was born in the year 2017. Shortly after his debut studio album came out in the year of the year 2019, his father passed away. His life. His second album is a tribute to his name and features his father’s picture on the album’s cover. In November 2020, Glen Johnson, DaBaby’s sibling, was 34 when he passed away from self-inflicted gunshot wounds. Kirk has publicly backed Kanye West as an independent candidate and other musicians to be the president in August 2020.

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He is a Christian and said in 2019 that his main religion is: “I’m fortunate. Christ’s blood has been a covering for my body.” In 2020, the couple was spot with American musician DaniLeigh. Her song’s line, “Yellow bone that’s what he desires,” sparked debate. The couple separated on February 20, 2021. Following a tiff with the couple was recorded on the camera and posted on Instagram weeks after the couple’s separation, it was confirmed that Kirk was the father of a child in the same household as the singer.

DaBaby's Personal Life

Image Source: BBC


Dababy’s professional career began in 2014, but he started becoming more prominent following the debut of his ” nonfiction ” album in 2015. He then moved to Texas, where he was a part of the South by Southwest Festival, where Dababy was offered the chance to perform live during the festival. After the events of 2015, along with the launch of “Nonfiction”, was the debut of Baby’s mixtape, titled ‘God’s work Resurrected’.

At the beginning of this mixtape’s next one, DaBaby began using the cognomen DaDababy, which he’s known as. DaBaby started dropping albums and tracks on platforms like SoundCloud, where DaBaby built up a substantial fan base with time. In 2019, his debut album, ‘nonfiction’, was ranked 7th on the Billboard 200, while ‘kirk’, his second studio album, came in at number 1.


Image Source: Gaytimes

Dababy came out with his third album in 2020, the second consecutive top-ranked album released within the US. One of his top singles on the album, “Rockstar”, was ranked as the entire song on the Billboard Hot 100 for one month and three weeks. The track featured pop singer Roddy Rich.

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What is DaBaby’s Real Name?

DaBaby’s real name was Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, but DaBaby chose to be Baby Jesus since he felt it was more apt to define his mission. But he decided to change his stage name since the name was heavily polarized and could be misinterpreted. DaBaby was also adamant in interviews that his previous stage name did not have a hip-hop vibe, so DaBaby changed it.

How Many Kids Does DaBaby Have?

Having four children, DaBaby has three distinct mothers. He has his daughter Serenity and an unnamed stepson named Caleb with MeMe, his ex-girlfriend. According to reports, DaBaby gave birth to a child in 2020 who was name Nova after Latoia Danet. The firstborn child of DaBaby and Danielle Leigh Curiel, whose name is unknown, was born in 2021.

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Is DaBaby Married?

In 2019, rumors circulated that DaBaby was engaged to Ashley Kirk after his high school senior photos were shared quickly and widely across the internet and a photo-shopped quote that mentioned his wedding.

However, he subsequently acknowledged on Instagram that Ashley wasn’t really his wife but rather a friend who had pulled a prank on him. DaBaby isn’t married but has a girlfriend; however, he hasn’t disclosed her name to the general public.

DaBaby's wife

DaBaby’s Parents

Jonathan is the youngest child out of the three children that his parents had. Jonathan has two older brothers with whom he prefers to spend time in recreation. Like many kids, the family was highly active. As a young child, he showed a lot of musical interest. His parents were delight for him to enter the music industry after completing his training.

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The rapper hasn’t divulged many details regarding his family members. He seems to prefer keeping his family’s secrets. According to the sources DaBaby’s father has passed to the grave. The tragic incident has incredibly saddened DaBaby.

Height and Weight

The artist is 173 centimeters tall, or 5 feet 8 inches. He weighs approximately 70 kilograms or 154 pounds.


The rapper has become one of the most well-known rappers on his 30th birthday. In actuality, he passed the age limit in December. He’s due to turn 31 at the end of November for 11 months. Young Thug and Tyler the Creator are two other rappers of a comparable generation.


Apart from his encounters against the law, Dababy got a lot of attention to a large extent in 2021 due to his homophobic comments. When he performed during the Rolling Loud Concert, he was a sexist rant. As a consequence, his name was removed from the lineups for Lollapalooza, The Governors Ball, and several other festivals. Furthermore, his partnership with the fashion label BoohooMAN ended. He later apologized.

Net Worth

DaBaby is thought to have a net wealth of $5 million. The top-charting albums and singles are the primary reason behind his fortune. Also, he earns a lot of cash when the live show he plays.

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