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How Many People Follow George Conway On Twitter



George Conway

When we talk about attorneys in the US then George Conway is one of those who served as an anti-Trump activist. Being an American, he played his role as a critique of trump’s government. He also argues the challenges faced by people due to republicans. Although he was offered with the ministries during the trump era he withdrew himself from considerations. Conway was even offered to hold the seat of the United States Department Of justice but reluctantly refused to play his role in the government of republicans. But here in this article, we aimed to glance at George Conway’s Twitter account and how many people follow him on Twitter but before that let’s know about him.


About George Conway

Conway is an American Attorney born on2 September 1963 in Boston, Massachusetts, America. His father was an electrical engineer who worked for defense contractor Raytheon. His mother was a chemist and she belongs to the Philippines. Conway graduated from Harvard College with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. William A.Hasteline served as his faculty advisor. After three years he obtained his Juris Doctor for Yale Law School, where he served as an editor of the journal of Yale law school and he was the president of the school’s chapter of the federal society.

George Conway served as a law clerk during 1987 and 1988. In September 1988 he joined the law firm of Lipton, Wachtell, Rosen, and Katz. He was named a partner of the firm in the department of litigation in January 1994. His practice focuses mostly on litigation involving securities of the state, contrast, acquisitions, mergers, and antitrust. He was one of the attorneys who was the representation of Paula Jones in her lawsuit against President Bill Clinton. Conway also remained an anti-Trump Activist.

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Conway’s Personal Life

In the ’90s Conway dated Laura Ingraham. After that, he saw Kellyanne on the cover photo of a magazine and ask for an introduction to Ann counter and start over dating her. They married in 2001. They are living in Washington DC and have four children. Before the presidency of Donald Trump Conway’s family lives in Closter, New Jersey. In the year of 2020 daughter of Conway Claudia made a lot of anti-trump comments on Tiktok. On July 2 she said that her father approved that to utilize your right to free speech by voicing your personal opinions.

How Many People Follow George Conway On Twitter

There are 1.8 million people who follow George Conway on Twitter, whereas Conway follows 1527 back. He attains popularity by standing against the Trump administration. Trump offers him some ministries and offered him the head of the justice seat but he withdrew himself from acquiring these authorities. These can be the reasons that Conway has this much audience on Twitter. In November 2018 Conway and his fellow wrote an op-ed in the New York times challenging the constitutionality of trump appointing Mathew Whitaker as an acting attorney general following the termination of Jeff session at that time Trump relies on the federal vacancies Reform act of 1998 which allows the president to form an interim government. This stance and activities helped this man George Conway on Twitter to increase his followers.

Conway Anti-Trump Activism

Conway and Katyal argued that it was a mistake to try to use FVRA to override the explicit wording of the main conflict wording of the constitution. This requires senate consideration for appointees who answer directly to the president. In 2018 Conway called upon a group for check and balance. The group consisted of more than dozens of members. At that time the conservative- Libertarianfederalistsociety, which had been instrumental in selecting the society of candidates for the Trump administration to appoint them in federal courts. New York Times reported that the group was arguing the fellow conservatives to tell about what they speak out what they say about the Trump administration betrayed them about legal norms.

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Conway was the legal member of and advisor of the Lincoln Project. In 2019 a conservative super PAC was formed and it was dedicated to defeating President Trump and Trumpism in the ballot box. Its ultimate aim is to persuade disaffected conservatives, republicans, and republicans and their learning independent in different states and provinces to make sure victory from electoral college and congressional majorities that should not enable or abet Mr. Trump’s violations of the constitution. The group released its video at the beginning of 2020. In August 2020 Conway announced that he will be taking a leave from the Lincoln project to devote more time to his family.

Bottom Lines

George Conway is an American attorney known for his projects with Lincoln and worked as an anti-Trump activist. He also has a fan following of 1.8 million on Twitter. Currently, he is a resident of Washington DC. He criticized and worked as an ally with Lincoln’sprojects. We have also mentioned some of his life experiences in this article hope that will help you get to know about Conway.

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