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Data Science Salary Trends in Different Countries



Data Science Salary Trends

It is believed that the industry of data science is composed to enhance the careers of many professionals. However, data science has become a competitive business today. The earnings of data science between work cultures are obvious, because data professionals are needed by countless companies and large industries, and they also pay very well. This is one of the most exciting moments for data scientists to last and get high-paying jobs because demand never slows down.

Data Science Job Outlook in Different Countries

It is considered that the future of data scientists is brighter as compared to others. And, on the other hand, their jobs are most likely to suffer from source shortages in different countries. As the study shows, the fastest-growing skills are expected to include more advanced analytical skills. If all things are equal, the prospects for data science are more than a positive culture, and therefore you should pursue your goals in data science.

According to the study, work on data science and analysis is expected to increase by almost 364,650 to about 2,720,870 by 2022 in many developing countries. Indeed, there are serious concerns that data science skills will continue to grow, and that data supply and analytics capabilities may not meet industrial demand. So, this is the best time to become a data scientist.

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Region-wise Salary Trends of Data Scientist

All the same, the number of jobs and salaries of the data specialist for data companies will be the highest in different countries in 2022, followed by many developing states. The area in which you choose to work as a data scientist can determine your salary in numerous ways. Every country’s industry has its challenges, so the salaries of IT professionals vary. Choose a job in an area you wish, and don’t limit yourself to an industry where you can’t make the most of your data knowledge. A recent survey shows the highest salaries earned by data analysts, followed by consumer goods, energy and mining, media, and communications and business services in advanced countries. However, the starting salary is very productive, and the experienced salary is gradually increasing:

  • Early-stage salary – The early-stage salary of a data scientist is about $ 95,000 per year in multiple regions, which is quite high.
  • Mid-stage salary – The average salary of a mid-level data scientist with an average of 1-4 years of experience is $ 128,280 per year. If the data scientist is on the leading rank, the average salary will rise to $ 185,550 a year in most regions.
  • Experience data scientist salary – The average salary of an experienced individual with about 5-9 years of service is $ 127,780 per year.

Salary of Data Scientist – by Skills

There are a few basic skills to help you review your IT career as a data scientist, and if you want to succeed, consider improving those skills:

  • Python is the most important and interesting skill that data scientists need to know and follow.
  • Some innovative technologies, such as the statistical analysis system, receive a salary of about $ 77,552.
  • Engineers earn an average of $ 121,812 a year. However, with more experience and Python knowledge, you can earn about $ 146,115 a year. An individual with expertise can earn an annual salary of between $ 100,550 and $ 150,450.
  • Additional programming skills and innovative technology have always been an added value that can increase your performance.
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Impact on Data Scientist Salary – by Tools Used

The main skills that can affect the salary of data experts are Python, R, Java, statistical analysis, SQL, data modeling, machine learning, and several others. Python and R – are on the tips of data science competitions with an average salary of $ 155,370. Professionals with data science and big data skills are likely to earn 24.6% more than professionals who only know data science. However, the IT industry – world widely take advantage of Python, R- and SQL-skilled professionals, but multinational companies continue to invest heavily in the data science game with exclusive software.

Boost Your Salary in Data Science

For data scientists – there is a high demand, but competition for the best-paid jobs is tough. So, one of the first steps in researching the market for data science is to thoroughly research the salary on sites and others to find it for your market value. On the other hand, earnings statistics by region, industry, and education, such as data science training, provide an overview of higher salary opportunities. But it’s helpful to remember that many scientists also have to play the role of analysts – providing structured information that helps solve business problems the way decision-makers understand. Instead of just scratch down your talents and experiences, look for ways to discuss what motivates you in data science or share the story of your journey as a data scientist.

Data Science – A Powerful Career Choice

The data science landscape is promising and full of opportunities encompassing a variety of industries. The nature of the job allows a person to do some flexible jobs and be self-employed. When data is available, data scientists apply their analytical skills, evaluate data, and obtain valuable information that enables organizations to improve their innovation.

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They are responsible for collecting, cleaning, converting, and analyzing data into significant information. In the early stages of the career, they usually work as a statistician or analyst. However, data transfer grew rapidly; forcing companies to actively engage data engineers to connect knowledge of the vast amount of valuable data – which enables efficient processes and operations and increases sales and growth.

Wrapping Up

We have come to the end of this article on the salary of data scientists. To become a qualified data analyst, it takes a lot of effort and time to study – this is something you should be prepared to pursue a useful career in data science. Therefore, you must be prepared for the need for lifelong learning and the development of skills and abilities for data science jobs. However, if you are planning to go for data science and are considering taking the first step, we hope this article has given you the drive to start studying data – science.

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