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5 Reasons to Choose a Standby UPS and Get Away Power Fluctuations



Choose a Standby UPS

Upgrading your system to one of the top 10 best UPS systems can be a good idea if you are experiencing power fluctuations or want to be prepared for an impending disaster.

The UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) will kick in as soon as there is a power outage. While this may seem like an unnecessary investment, you should note that the backup UPS at Eaton Industries is essential in homes that are prone to power fluctuations.

Treat your home to one of the best home UPS systems so your computer and other sensitive electronic equipment are protected from damage. All the best home UPS systems come with a battery backup unit that kicks in automatically when it detects a power failure. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose a standby UPS and get away from power fluctuations:


  1. Provides safety for your computer

The main reason why you should choose a standby UPS is that it provides safety for your computer during power outages. The battery will continue to work even when there is no electricity available, allowing you to safely shut down your computer.

  1. Convenience

In today’s fast-paced business world, time is money. When your computer system goes down due to a power fluctuation, it can cost you hundreds of dollars in lost productivity. Having a standby UPS allows you to minimize any downtime and get back to work without wasting valuable minutes waiting for your computer system to boot up.

  1. A Standby UPS has a Higher Capacity

The main difference between online and standby UPS systems is that online devices continuously monitor the incoming voltage to determine if there is a problem with the line. If the problem persists, then it will switch to battery backup mode. The standby device keeps track of the on/off state of your utility, so when the voltage dips below the acceptable range, it switches to battery backup mode immediately. All this ensures uninterrupted power to your equipment, which ultimately saves you time, money, and frustration. The standby units have higher capacities than their online counterparts.

  1. Protect Against Power Fluctuations

You will notice that when the power fluctuates, your computer will act up or crash completely. Without a UPS to level out these spikes and dips, any computer connected to a wall outlet will be vulnerable to power issues. This will cause unnecessary work interruptions or worse – it might corrupt the data on your hard drive or destroy expensive equipment like printers, scanners, and even servers if they are not protected by a UPS. Protecting against power fluctuations is one of the most important functions of a standby UPS system.

  1. Save Your Data from Corruption

Another reason you need an uninterruptible power supply is to protect your data from corruption when the power goes out completely. When the electricity fails, there is a chance that your files will become corrupt, especially if you have been working on them recently. The longer the outage lasts, the more time there is for corruption to occur and cause damage to your data.

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