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DesignEvo Review: Create a Blog Logo Effortlessly



Design Evo Review

If you are searching for the simplest way of making a blog logo? Logos are the principal thing anybody sees when they take a gander at a business. Particularly for a little website or blog, a logo is a key to the business’s survival and growth.

Numerous private companies and small blog websites don’t employ an expert designer since making a top-quality logo by a designer may be so costly and need a lot of time and talent.

In any case, there’s a basic way of making a logo for your blog. This is where the DesignEvo logo maker proves to be useful! And you can make your logo without any preparation or design experience.

Next, we’ll discover how to make an outstanding blog logo with DesignEvo in a matter of minutes!


What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a popular logo and branding tool that allows you to create a logo with a full brand identity, and no design experience is required. As a general rule, it’s a platform for more than 29 million users from the whole world.

It gives you 10,000+ preset logo templates for different industries. And you can use the logo for a social media platform, website, building hall, online store, etc. You can start building a full brand identity for any type of your business.

How to create a blog logo

As I said above, this logo maker has over 10,000+ templates for most businesses industries that anybody can use to make logos. Besides being free, it doesn’t require you to sign up for an account to start using it.

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You should simply go to the homepage first. And then click “Make a Free Logo” to pick a logo template to get everything rolling.

1. Pick a favorite template

create a blog logo

In the first step, you really want to choose a template that best suits your blog. It tends to be a food, travel, technology, fashion, medical, or even a truck logo for your transportation business, etc. They have a well-sorted templates library for every industry. When you find the ideal one, basically click on it to open up the logo editor to begin tweaking it.

You can also get started on your blog logo design without a template as well. Get inspiration from those templates and design your own from scratch.

2. Customize your blog logo

Customize your blog logo

In the next step, you are able to use the editing tool to modify your logo as you need. Remember to vigorously modify the logo template and all the elements in the logo to make it exclusive to you.

DesignEvo enables you to use the tabs at the left sidebar to add new symbols, shapes, and text to maximum adjust your logo template. It offers a huge number of vector symbols and various shapes and text styles for you to customize your logo. The best thing is, this logo creator permits you to apply color gradients to make it really engaging.

3. Preview and get the logo downloaded

logo downloaded

Once you’ve completed your logo, simply click the Preview button to check the final logo design on different mock-ups like T-shirts, notebooks, blog sites, etc.

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At the last step, you will actually want to download the custom blog logo you made in top-notch, vector, SVG, or PDF that you can use for your blog sites, business cards, or anyplace you like.

All you should do is simply click on the “Download” button, and it will ask you to pick one from their top-notch logo package beginning at $0 to download your free logo package. DesignEvo’s Basic package will permit you to download a great logo up to 5000px. Furthermore, you will enjoy the high-quality logo design for HD printing, vector documents, lifetime support, copyright ownership, etc., in the Plus package.

Final Thoughts

DesignEvo isn’t only a logo creator. It’s more like a complete branding platform that helps you build your brand identity without any learning curve.

Hiring a designer to make a blog logo can be truly costly. If you don’t have the financial plan or time to ask an export designer for a professionally designed logo, or you just don’t have any design skills, DesignEvo might be the ideal tool for you.

Thanks to the highlights and endless accessible resources in this simple tool, anyone can easily create a blog logo in just a few minutes with DesignEvo. It tends to be your great branding tool for quite a long time!

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