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Difference Between Mobile and PC Game Development



Mobile and PC Game Development

Many have noticed that interest in video games among the world’s population has increased. Based on Newzoo’s Market Report, global gaming revenue increased to $ 137.9 billion in 2018 and reached $ 180 billion in 2021. What better: mobile vs pc?

Following the reported data, the industry related to mobile games has become the absolute record holder. And if we take into account the systematic growth in the number of smartphone users (in 2018 their number exceeded 5 billion, despite the fact that 7.6 billion people live on the planet), this fact is not surprising, and mobile games of social and casual directions are all attracts users more. The game design document is also of great importance.



Typically, standard game budgets range from $ 1.5 billion to $ 5 billion. On average, the budget for one game does not exceed $ 100,000. In fact, the combination of the limited display functionality of mobile devices with the size of applications can make it difficult to spend the huge cash allocated to standard games. Some regard this fact as an advantage.

Team size

To create an ordinary console and computer game, the participation of 12 to 30 specialists is required. Since most of the games for mobile versions are less extensive than for consoles, development is carried out in teams of 3 to 5 people with the involvement of lone programmers and designers.

Network devices

The distinction of mobile games from the rest is noted, which lies in the limitation in the context of multimedia, but at that time they are network and multiplayer. PC-based modems have become widespread only in the past eight years, while consoles have just begun to go online. At their core, mobile phones are network devices, and their processing prospects are similar to old computing technologies, but they are far superior in network capabilities.

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Development cycle

It takes 2 to 3 years to develop a typical game. There are games that have been in development for several months. In other words, having a team with a small budget, is quite possible not only to develop but also to deploy a mobile game, reaching the quality of professionals. Disappointed with the standard games market, many developers have considered this factor in the development of mobile games one of the strongest sides.

Open standards

Console development requires authorization and support from console game manufacturers, who use their controls to demand high “platform royalties” from those who specialize in publishing games and controlling the game development for their hardware.


As a rule, the purchase of regular games takes place at retail outlets for the software. Usually, the download and installation of mobile games are carried out by the user from various media. They are downloaded over wireless networks; there are phones that download applications to a PC, and then synchronize it with a phone device. Each mobile device manufacturer has set up stores to distribute applications. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of officially announced stores:

  • Nokia Store
  • iStore for apple devices
  • Android Market for all Android-enabled devices
  • A world of Blackberry applications for all Blackberry RIM devices
  • Windows Store for all Windows phones
  • The world of Samsung applications
  • Opera Store

The potential audience is simply huge

Today, the number of mobile phones in use exceeds one billion and this figure is growing. Most citizens of developed countries own mobile phones rather than PCs (with the exception of the United States).

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