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Where is the Air Traffic Control Tower in Fortnite?



Air Traffic Control Tower in Fortnite

We all have been huge fans of online games since forever. With the advancement in digital technology, this cult has prevailed all over the world. Multiple spicy genres and categories have also been added to the world of online games and we can not take enough of it ever.

One of those irresistible games is Fortnite. It is basically a game based on survival. Including 100 competitors fighting against each other until the game ends and we get a survivor who wins the league. No critical thinking and high-end strategies are required to enjoy this game. The game holds super-fast action to entertain millions of players around the globe.

This article addresses your major concerns based on the air traffic control tower Fortnite. This is tricky and many players are unable to get easy access to this feature. Therefore, a complete guideline in this regard would prove helpful for you if you want to master the art of Fortnite.


Why is Fortnite so popular?

Having millions of players worldwide, Fortnite is immensely popular due to its flexibility. It does not demand an out-of-this-world skill set from you. The battle royale mode which is absolutely free for everyone offers top-notch competition between single players and teams in an open-world environment.

Why do you need a Fortnite guide?

Being a fan of Fortnite, you must be well-versed with its algorithm, pace, features, specifications, goals, and challenges. If you are a beginner at Fortnite and love to play this game, you must be looking for helpful guidance. Age is quite important when it comes to playing this game. According to ESRB, the recommended age for children to enjoy Fornite is 13 years or above. The game does not promote any kind of violence. Some graphics show players killing each other that might disturb little ones. Why would you require our guidelines, tips, and tricks related to Fortnite? This is interesting because a game that does not require high-grade skills is not supposed to be that much troublesome.

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Here is our take on this. The game is quite interesting but some challenges could be problematic for beginners. The only solution to cope with such situations is to have a few points at the back of your mind that would change your whole scenario of game playing. In this way, you can transform yourself from a Fortnite player to a Fortnite winner by being able to collect more battle stars. Considering challenges, the game is now fabricated with amazing challenges to grab gamers’ attention for longer. To help surpass those challenges, our guide is going to help you a lot.

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Fortnite Season 7 Week 5 challenges

The game consists of a series of challenges based on multiple steps in each week of every season. The player has to accomplish all these goals in order to win the game. The challenges that a Fortnite player faces are tough. Basically, we can sum them up week 5 in two types of challenges:

  • Dancing on the top of the three towers; thus, Water, Ranger, and Air Traffic Control.
  • Search b/w a crowned tomato, the giant rock man, and a tree that’s encircled.

The scenery of this very season and week would show you some players dancing the royale map. This battle map would display a Fortnite air traffic control tower. This tower, so far, is a new addition to the game and fans are loving this feature very much. The problem is with some of the players who are unable to hunt for the exact location where they are supposed to dance. In this write-up, we will discuss this very aspect of the game in detail.

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The air traffic control tower is located on the southwestern side of the map, more precisely in the winter biome. Are you familiar with Frosty Flights? Yes, that is where it is held. The tower possesses a huge satellite dish based on its top. Regarding finding the tower, one can do this job as long as the tower is not being demolished by the forces.

How to reach the Fortnite air traffic control tower?

We know you must be curious and excited about getting authentic knowledge related to dancing on the air traffic control tower. Here is the twist. Before flying above the heights of the air traffic tower, you, as a player, will be expected to dance on two more landmarks on your way. Do not worry, it is a part of the challenge and you will enjoy it. These landmarks have to be covered before reaching the ultimate tower. One of them is a Water Tower located at the Retail Row. Simply jump from the battle bus and land on this tower to save your time and energy. The next one is the Ranger Tower located near Lonely Lodge trees. Dance on the top of it and you are good to head toward the air traffic control tower.

The sequence of the challenge flows like this:

  • Dance on the Water Tower
  • Dance on the Ranger Tower
  • Dance on the Air Traffic Control Tower

During the game, being a player, if you manage to get access to Frosty Flights, the immediate next step would be to climb the tower and reach its peak. Some of the players mistakenly prefer dancing on the stairs which, to be honest, is of no help. It won’t lead you anywhere. The target is to get to the top where there is a satellite dish. The most efficient and effective ways to hit this milestone are given here. Building up to the top would do just fine. If you want to keep it simple and hassle-free, you can land on the top straight away after jumping off the bus. The third way is to take the stairs. It depends on you what methods you would prefer for you.

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The exact location of air traffic control tower Fortnite

Till now, we have covered various crisp chapters of the Fortnite game. Ranging from the towers where we, as players, are supposed to hit the dance floor to the easiest methods that would work best to get access to the top of those towers, everything has been covered comprehensively. Now, it is my turn to discuss the exact location where the game player is supposed to dance after landing on the air traffic control tower. Have you witnessed the hangars in Frosty Flights? Exactly that is where this high red-colored tower is located i.e; right next to the runway. Remember these keywords to do away with confusion; icy area, red building, satellite on the top. Try to spot the word “Flights” toward the North. You have to dance here and congratulations you have completed the last phase of the week 5 challenge. Now, you can go ahead with further challenges offered in season 7 week 5.


Since we have designed and delivered the most accurate and easy-to-understand guide for Fortnite players who are interested in taking the season 7 week 5 challenge, are you up for a game? Don’t forget to hold your seat tight and jump on the top of the three tall towers, hit the dance floor, and score big battle stars.

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